Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags, Tea Candles, Advent Calendar

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Adagio is the result of Mom and her two sons taking her love for tea and combining it with their technical and research knowledge. In the music world, Adagio means slow and at ease which is how Adagio wants their tea to affect you…to help you unwind and feel at ease.

The selection of tea flavors that Adagio offers is from all around the world and they all come straight from the farmers. No matter what flavor(s) you choose to enjoy, you can be guaranteed its freshness. Currently Adagio has a million satisfied and happy customers enjoying teas that are distributed from their New Jersey, USA, and United Kingdom facilities.

The flavors I’d like to talk with you about today include blood orange, maple creme oolong, rooibos vanilla chai tea, candy cane, campfire smores, mango, hazelnut, coconut, and happy belly. I am also going to tell you about their Paper Tea Filters, Masala Chai Candle, and Advent Calendar.

Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags, Tea Candles, Advent Calendar

The blood orange flavor is caffeine-free and it has a deep color along with a sweet flavor of orange peel.

Maple Creme Oolong has a moderate amount of caffeine. This delightfully subtle blend of sweet maple, oolong, and a hint of creme is vegan-friendly and can be enjoyed as a dessert tea as well as breakfast tea.

Rooibos Vanilla Chai is caffeine-free. As the name implies, this is a blend of rooibos, vanilla, and Chai spice. You will experience the perfect amount of “heat” from the spices used to make this tea while also enjoying the mellowness of the rooibos and vanilla.

Candy Cane is a high-caffeine premium black tea from Sri Lanka. The minty flavor is a must-have for the holidays.

Campfire Smores is another high-caffeine black tea. The taste and smell of this tea will convince your mind that you are roasting marshmallows over a campfire. There are even some mini marshmallows in this slightly sweet and smoky chocolate-flavored tea. Please note that the marshmallows do contain gelatin.

Mango is a black tea that has a high amount of caffeine. This aromatic and sweet tea blend will have you thinking you’re eating a juicy ripe mango without the mess.

Hazelnut is a high-caffeine Ceylon black tea. The combination of these two flavors (Ceylon and Hazelnut) creates a creamy roasted aroma and taste. An excellent way to sweeten it up is to add a very small amount of brown sugar.

Coconut has a sweet, warm, and savory flavor thanks to the combination of the coconut flavor and the black Ceylon tea. This is a high-caffeine tea.

Happy Belly is an herbal tea but it does contain a small amount of caffeine. This tea is a blend of PuErh and ginger root combined with Senna leaf, anise, and licorice. As the name suggested, if your tummy is a little grumpy, this tea blend is bound to make it happy. If you have a medical condition or are taking any medication, we recommend you check with your healthcare professional before drinking this tea.

Tea Filters are made in Germany out of neutral chlorine-free bleached wood and hemp fibers. If you don’t have a tea ball, have no fear because these disposable tea filters allow you to enjoy your loose tea no matter where you may be. The shape of these filters makes them easy to fill and fold over the edge of your tea cup/pot.

Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags, Tea Candles, Advent Calendar

The Marsala Chai Candle is a natural soy candle that is in a beautifully designed and decorated 5-inch glass container. This candle will fill your living area with the warm spiciness of chai.

Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags, Tea Candles, Advent Calendar

Every year Adagio Tea puts out a tea Advent Calendar. This is a fun way to count down to the holiday. Each day you get surprised with a new delicious tea. The Advent Calendars are available in both Loose Leaf tea and Teabags. 

Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags, Tea Candles, Advent Calendar

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WIN IT: THREE winners will receive an Advent Calendar from Adagio Tea. This giveaway is open to US residents. The giveaway is scheduled to end on 12/12/2023. Good luck!

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