I love mattress out cold refresh mattress review

I love pillow sent me a pillow and mattress for review. There are affiliate links in this article. All opinions are my own. 

Those of you who have been around for years may remember 13+ years ago when I was reviewing baby items with my sister Erica and her son, my nephew, Drew. 

@emilyreviewsblog Time is a thief. Drop a comment if you are a follower who was around when Drew was helping me review little kid stuff! @I Love Pillows mattress has been perfect for drew as hes all about sports so having a matress that stays cool to the touch is nice for him after practices and games. #ilovepillow #ilovemattress #sleeptok #mattressinabox ♬ Slipping Through My Fingers – Declan McKenna

As he’s gotten older, I’ve done fewer reviews with him. However, he is 13 now and growing fast. He was in need of a new mattress so when I Love Pillow reached out, I was excited to get to do a more grown up review with him for the first time in quite a while! 

I love pillow cool fit memory foam pillow review

I Love Pillow sent us their Cool Fit Contour pillow and their Out Cold Refresh Mattress for Drew to review. The pillow arrived first, and it just happened to show up on a day where Drew was sick. He was excited to get to use the pillow while feeling under the weather because it was so soft and comfortable to use. The pillow’s surface doesn’t get as warm as other pillows do, thanks to its temperature-balancing features that are made possible thanks to MicroCell Technology which enhances airflow in the pillow. The pillow is really soft and smushy, making it nice to lay on or cuddle with, yet it’s also nice and supportive. The cover is also moisture-wicking so people who sleep warm won’t feel as hot or sweaty on this pillow. I like how I Love Pillow offers this pillow in multiple thicknesses or shapes (low, medium or contour) so you can choose which one best suits your preferences. 

I love mattress out cold refresh mattress review

I Love Mattress Out Cold Refresh Mattress Review

The I Love Mattress Out Cold Refresh Mattress promises advanced cooling technology along with pressure relief and support. Sounded like the perfect combo. I visited my sister’s house to be present for the unboxing. I was impressed right off the bat with the thoughtful unboxing experience. To reduce waste, the mattress is vacuum compressed during shipping, so it took a little time to fully inflate and take shape after removing the packaging.

I love mattress out cold refresh mattress

Once expanded, the multilayer foam design provides a good balance of cushioned softness along with underlying firm support. The top layers of Nano Cool and TheraFresh foams contours to the body while pulling in heat. Both have cooling properties along with antimicrobial ingredients like silver, copper, and graphene. The Out Cold Renew cover fabric adds another cooling element, with a soft almost silky feel. It can be removed and tossed in the washing machine to keep fresh. Underneath, the high-density base foam minimizes motion transfer. Of course, this isn’t an important factor for Drew, but for adults who are sharing a bed that is an awesome feature. 

I love pillow cold refresh mattress review

I Love Mattress designs all their own advanced foams and fabrics in the USA, rather than outsourcing. They even offer a mattress fitting quiz on their site to help match your sleep style with the right model.

If you’re looking to literally refresh your nights, this cooling mattress could be the answer.

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