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Best Sustainable Toys Gift Guide – Perfect For Earth Day! | Emily Reviews
Best Sustainable Toys Gift Guide - Perfect For Earth Day!

This ‘Best Sustainable Toys Gift Guide – Perfect For Earth Day!’ post is sponsored.  As always, all opinions are my own. **This post contains Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd, 2024. Did you know it’s never too early (or late) to start teaching our kids the importance of sustainability.  If you’re on the hunt for toys that are helping instill eco-awareness for kids, you’ve come to the right place.  I’m sharing some pretty neat ones.


Participate On Earth Day – April 22nd, 2024!

Participation in Earth Day can take many forms.  This includes small home or classroom projects like planting a herb garden or picking up litter. People also volunteer to plant trees, join other ecological initiatives, or take part in street protests about climate change and environmental degradation.  If you have little kids, it can be as simple as bringing awareness, talking about our planet, and sharing why you choose some of the products and toys you do.

Best Sustainable Toys Gift Guide - Perfect For Earth Day!

Best Sustainable Toys Gift Guide – Perfect For Earth Day!

The following Playmobil and Hape toys are either made from recycled and bio-based plastics and FSC-certified wood to toys made locally in the U.S. and those that encourage greener lifestyles.

Hape Green Planet Explorers ECO-CAMPING PLAYSET.


Get ready to meet Sam and Milo, part of the Green Planet Explorers!  They go on adventures with their friends on a quest to help the planet.  And this Eco-camping playset is a fun way to re-enact play.  It comes with a tent and sleeping bags, cooking gear and supplies to tidy-up the forest. A valuable tool for educating children on camping safety and keeping the environment clean!

PLAYMOBIL Horses of Waterfall Isabella and Lioness with Laundry Area - 71357


Ben is a farrier intern at Waterfall Ranch and always has an anvil, tongs, and hammer handy so he can get the job done right. This fun little play set helps bring imaginations to life as you go about your day on the Waterfall Ranch at the foot of the White Mountains.  Made from a minimum of 80% recycled consumer products and bio-based materials, this richly detailed horse toy set features PLAYMOBIL farrier Ben, horse Achilles, anvil, tongs, hammer, and forge and many other extras for shoeing the horses.

Playmobil Cross-Country Vehicle with Lions


This sustainable WILTOPIA playset from PLAYMOBIL features your favorite veterinarian, Dr. Jamie Palmer, along with a super cool solar-powered cross-country vehicle as well as an injured lion and numerous extras.  Get to know and love the world with this fun, interactive set where a solar-powered off-road vehicle means that even missions in the savannah are no problem.  You can even join the Dr. as the two of you can quickly help the injured lion by gently rubbing, and the predator’s injury disappears. In the new, removable roof attachment with tent is enough space for two figures to spend the night.

Hape Hape Ranger Rescue Set - Solar Offroad Adventures.


Have you talked about fire safety with your kids yet?  Now you can join Oscar on an eco-rescue mission to protect nature, prevent wildfires, and explore the wilderness with a solar-powered off-road car. This set is not only fun to play with, it can also be used to teach children about fire safety — which is so important!  Then work together with your children to create scenarios where Oscar rescues creatures and characters from fire-hazards.  It’s never been easier to explore the possibilities of renewable energy technology while having fun!

Hape Green Planet Forest Fire Rescue


For even more forest fire rescue play and fun, also add Green Planet Explorers Forest Fire Rescue to your cart!  This fun set can help educate children on environmental preservation and animal care, while also providing fire safety awareness.  Complete with 17 pieces, you’ll love the tree, koala figure named Kiki, sugar glider, fire extinguisher, two felt flames, hat, first aid bag, two walkie-talkies, thermometer, baby bottle, syringe, medical records, pair of scissors, felt mat, ladder, and a leaflet.  It’s a perfect choice if you’re looking to foster role play, creativity, and imagination

Playmobil Country Farm ShopPlaymobil

Kids will love taking a stop by the Country Farm Shop, where the selection is always fresh and delicious. You can grab a container of milk from the refrigerated case. Then after you make your purchases, place them in the wagon attached to the bike.  Don’t forget to make sure to close the strap so nothing falls out during the ride home.   An eco-friendly product line consisting of, on average, more than 80% sustainable materials, the Country Farm Shop can be expanded with additional sets (71249-71253 – sold separately) for even more farm fun.  

Which set(s) from our Best Sustainable Toys Gift Guide does your family love the most?

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