Find A Good Book Today! - New Reads At A Discount

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Find A Good Book Today! – New Reads At A Discount

I love to read.  Books are a great way to escape reality, live out dreams, enjoy adventures, and learn new things.  

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Find A Good Book Today! - New Reads At A Discount

Kids Books

This category will feature some great books for kids ages baby through teen.

Wings of Fire Boxset

Wings of Fire Boxset

Wings of Fire is a great series that my kids obsess over. It is centered around five main characters as they discover their destiny and duties as dragonets. Full of adventure, betrayal, and heartbreak, this series is an excellent pick for a range of ages. My children who have read it are nine, eleven, and thirteen, and each one has binge read the series at some point in the past year.

Everything You Need to Ace U.S. History in One Big Fat Notebook, 2nd Edition: The Complete Middle School Study Guide

Lots of kids find history boring and difficult. Most will complain of how boring their textbooks are, and dread reading about the adventures of the past. My kids certainly have. But with this book, suddenly they started to enjoy history. Is was easy for them to read triple the amount they had to each day, because of how concise and readable this book is. The inside is colorful and organized, maps and end of chapter study questions make history easy to understand and, beyond that, FUN. It is my firm belief that history should be fun, and this book is a perfect tool to make it that. 

Mighty, Mighty Construction Site

An adorable book on construction and teamwork, young ones who love their diggers will want this book read to them over again and again and again… I know from experience!  lol.  This book is actually part of a series following the same characters on their adventures of the construction site.

Nature’s Treasures: Tales Of More Than 100 Extraordinary Objects From Nature

This book is fascinating for children and adults alike! Filled to the brim with beautiful pictures and interesting information, it takes the exploration of nature to another level. While the information is mostly basic and directed to younger kids, around 6-8, the imagery is beautiful and engrossing for all ages.

Adult Books

This category will feature some great books for young adults and up.  (So teens and older.)

The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a classic loved by many. Though it is dauntingly large, I promise it is well worth it. This translation by Emily Wilson is clear and easy to understand. It is an epic about the aftereffect of war, wealth and poverty, family, love, kindness, and a search for home. Following Oddyseus from the battelground to his home, with many trials along the way, is an adventure that many wish to understand better. This translation helps a great deal with that and I plan to reread this book soon!

How Baking Works: Exploring the Fundamentals of Baking Science

Most people enjoy baking now and again. The scent of cookies, bread, and pastries brings happiness to a home. But most people don’t really understand why food does what it does. This book not only gives tips for baking, but also offers up kitchen experiments and explains things like why mixing in a certain way matters, why such a small or large amount of ingredients, and the affect of ingredients like baking powder, baking soda, and cream of tartar.

Remarkable Books: The World's Most Historic and Significant Works

Remarkable Books: The World’s Most Historic and Significant Works

It’s a book about remarkable books!  This unique book features 75 of the world’s most momentous titles – from The Art of War to Anne Frank’s Diary – and reveals their far-ranging impact.  This beautiful book looks great on the coffee table and is a great conversation piece too.  

The Reverse Coloring Book™: Mindful Journeys

The Reverse Coloring Book: Mindful Journeys

Each of the first two Reverse Coloring books—with over 205,000 copies in print in just a year—frees the imagination and encourages the user to be calm and creative. But Mindful Journeys takes it one step further with 50 new and original watercolors created specifically to promote mindfulness. Abstract compositions in calming blues and greens. A shower of circles that suggests the infinity of the sky. Swirls of flowery patterns that evoke mandalas. Spiritual symbols, like a yin-yang, a hamsa hand, a flaming heart. Watery waves, and a curling peacock feather.

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