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Stuff Those Easter Baskets With Ice Chips Candy + Giveaway 3/25

  Thank you to Ice Chips Candy for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for this honest blog review.  All opinions are 100% my own. Are you looking for a sweet treat to put in the Easter Baskets this year that doesn't have the repercussions of typical candy?  Look no further than Ice Chips Candy!  Growing up, I would awake to my Easter Basket of Jelly Beans, Chocolate Bunnies, and Candy Eggs.  Everything in that basket would be loaded with sugar and was definitely not Read more [...]

Ice Chips Candy ~ The Good For You Candy + Giveaway (US) 11/30

  Thank you to Ice Chips Candy for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for this blog review.  All opinions are 100% my own. Growing up, I loved the Little House On The Prairie books.  I enjoyed reading about Laura and her childhood and following along with her as she grew up.  One story that really struck me and still crosses my mind often, though, is when they were so excited to get a piece of candy for Christmas.  Mr. Edwards brought Laura and Mary tin cups and a Read more [...]

Quevos Chips Are High In Protein And Low In Carbs ~ Review & Giveaway US 8/14

Thank you to Quevos for providing me with products to facilitate my blog review. All opinions are 100% my own. Our family is focusing on making healthy food choices. One of those healthy food choices that work for us is following a ketogenic diet plan. We have found that the diet gives us plenty of options for each family member’s specific likes and needs. That brings us to Quevos Chips. Quevos Chips are a great treat that satisfies our cravings for a salty snack while still putting healthy Read more [...]

Are You Ready For Nutrisystem? Five Sacrifices You’ll Make

I am Nutrisystem nation blogger. I am provided with a Nutrisystem meal plan in return for regular updates. We've had a few people say that they didn't think Nutrisystem was right for them, even though Ryan has had success with it. I've noticed that the reasons they list seem to be fairly similar. And honestly, I don't disagree! Clearly, we are fans of Nutrisystem here. Ryan has lost 60 pounds! It works if you stick with the plan. But, if you aren't ready to make certain changes then you may not Read more [...]

Riceworks Snacks Review & $25 Gift Card + Snacks Giveaway (3/5/2016)

*Riceworks sent snacks for my review. All opinions are my own. When my boyfriend Ryan started working on losing weight last July I decided to go along with him. In part I wanted to just be supportive, but I was also hoping to lose a few pounds myself. Since July we have tried a lot of new foods. Our goals have been to find food that we enjoy that are lower in calorie and/or higher in fiber, protein and healthy fats. Fiber, protein and healthy fats keep you feeling fuller longer which is why we Read more [...]
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