Masami ~ A Clean Eco-Friendly Salon Experience at Home

By Lakota

June 29th, 2020
Thank you to Masami for sending me product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions are my own.  I have always looked up to those who use a “no-poo” method for their hair. My hair is on the thinner side and whenever I tried to go no-poo, the detox period seemed to never end and I was met with an incredibly itchy irritated scalp that was beyond a manageable grease level. So instead I decide to use natural shampoos and so often my hair is clean, but I long for the salon feel of my hair. When Read more [...]

Weighted Blanket Review From TruHugs

By Lakota

June 28th, 2020
Thank you goes out to TruHugs for sending me product in exchange for review. All opinions belong to me.  You've most likely heard of weighted blankets, but you might be wondering what the purpose of sleeping with one is. I had heard they could help with stress and sensory issues and who couldn't use a little help dealing with stress? Something you might not know about weighted blankets is that they provide deep touch pressure stimulation. Deep touch pressure stimulation is known to help with so Read more [...]

Learning with Loog ~ A Review

By Lakota

June 27th, 2020
Thank you goes to Loog for sending me product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions are my own.  My son has been pretty interested in music from a very young age. I’m not sure if his love for music is due to his dad always playing music around him or if it’s just passed on through his genetics. We tried a violin class when he was younger and while he really enjoyed it we didn’t know anything about violin which made practicing with him more difficult. My husband has played guitar Read more [...]

My Favorite Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!

While stuck in Covid-19 quarantine, my daughters and I have been doing a lot of baking. One of our go-to's baking treats is chocolate chip cookies. We had a keto chocolate chip cookie recipe we liked, but we didn't love it. We played around with the recipe making minor changes until we came up with what we feel is the best keto chocolate chip cookie recipe. Ingredients: 4 TBS melted butter 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 large egg 1/4 tsp apple cider vinegar 1/4 cup Lakanto Powdered Munk Fruit 1 Read more [...]

DIY Homemade Baby Wipe Recipe

By Lakota

February 9th, 2020
From the time I had my first baby 8 years ago I was always making sure that the product I used on him were natural. I started with Pampers sensitive brand and when I found something more natural I kept switching. For the first year I used water wipes with my youngest. On Amazon I could get Water Wipes for about $.22 per wipe, now that doesn't sound like a lot but when you add them up it got to be pretty pricey per month specially with three kiddos using them for number two visits! I had a Read more [...]