Henry’s Humdingers Review

By Jessica

February 20th, 2013

Henry’s Humdingers is a small company in the Pacific Northwest, founded a few years ago by teenage entrepreneur Henry Miller.   Henry’s story is fun and inspiring!  A chance meeting with a Beekeeper with an interest in Hive Collapse Disorder led Henry to ask for his own hives and he was on the road to Henry’s Humdingers.

With the support of his parents, Henry ended up with so much honey, “Henry’s Humdingers” was born!  Running out of ways to use up the raw honey collected from Henry’s personal hives, the family started adding spices, fine tuning taste until flavors such as “Grumpy Grandpa”, “Phoebe’s Fireball” and “Naughty Nana” were made (and named after relatives with character!).Humdingers

I was sent one of each flavor to try.   They smelled delicious upon opening.   My first worry was that I’m not a hugely creative cook.   I rely on others making the mistakes first!   Henry has a solution for you right on his website:  His family has come up with quite a few recipes for you to try with each of the different honey flavors.   I tried a few different recipes and really enjoyed them.  These honey’s are perfect for grilling season, and I can’t wait to try them for that purpose.

The family did a great job of compiling recipes to showcase the different flavors, and each recipe has a totally different taste that compliments the honey, and gives cooks like me a bit of guidance and confidence to try my own thing.   Of the recipes on Henry’s website,  I tried the Spirited Stir Fry recipe, and the Sweet N’ Salty Sizzlin’ Popcorn.

Grumpy Grandpa is made with spicy red peppers and garlic.   Naughty Nana is made with spicy peppers and ginger and was used for the Spirited Stir Fry recipe.  I made a few substitutions to the recipe, but mostly because we had stir fry veggies on hand but this recipe was just delicious.  My husband clamored over this chicken stir fry!  Dibs were called on leftovers for lunch!   I will be adding this to our menu rotation for sure.


For the  Sweet ‘n Salty Sizzlin’ Popcorn, Phoebe’s Fireball is made with chipotle chiles and cinnamon.   When you try Phoebe’s Fireball alone, it is very hot!  But when you mix it with the sugar and butter for the popcorn, it tames it just enough to give your popcorn a kick! Caramel Popcorn with a spicy cinnamon aftertaste!  DELISH!  I’ve been craving those red hot candies and this is perfect! I’m quite impressed.  This has really been my choice snack as of late.   I’m very sad that my little sample is practically empty.


The more meals and snacks I tried with Henry’s Humdingers, the more I’m impressed at what this kid has accomplished in his young lifetime, and how supportive his family is of his dreams.   In addition to raising his own bees and creating his own company, portions of all purchases are donated to the Foundation of Preservation of Honey Bees.

This young man is going places.   Check with your local supermarket and see if they carry Henry’s honey.   If they don’t, ask for it!  I know I sure will!

Henry’s Humdingers can be found on Facebook.






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  • kerith henderson

    I LOVE this stuff!! I have the Naughty Nana and it is DELISH!!! Swirl a spoonful in a glass of hot tea…nice and spicy…great for chest colds!