JuggleFit Review & Giveaway (US) 5/4/13

Are you ready to have some fun while working out? Would you like to learn to juggle while getting a workout? I know that all the programs out there claim to be fun but my family actually agrees with this one. Not only that, but we can do JuggleFit as a family and still talk, laugh, and enjoy each others company during the work out.  What other workout programs include quality family time in them?  I was sent the JuggleFit Family Pack to review with my family.

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JuggleFit was founded by Heather Wolf. While touring as a musician and living in a small 7′ by 7′ room on a circus train, she decided that she needed to learn to juggle. While practicing in her small room, she realized that not only is learning to juggle a great workout but it’s also a ton of fun. JuggleFit is a no-impact enjoyable workout.  Juggling helps you burn calories, tone your body, de-stress, and improve balance and coordination.  Don’t forget to laugh as well.

Juggling is a portable workout.   The three juggling scarves take up practically no room.  After using JuggleFit a few times, I think both my husband and I are going to need a bit more practice before we’re going to master the balls.  (I’m thinking that a juggling act would go over quite well at our kid’s birthday parties.)   Being that juggling balls or scarves fit into something like a purse, brief case, or suitcase so easily, juggling is the perfect workout for people who have to travel for work or even those Summer camping trips.  I’d say that a set of Juggle Balls would also help pass the time during those airport waits too.

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There are other benefits to juggling as well.  Juggling has been proven to increase the amount of gray matter in your brain.  So you are not only getting a body workout but you’re exercising your mind as well.  Even if it takes awhile to learn to juggle, you are still burning calories while you learn and boosting your brainpower.  Sounds like a win win to me.  Juggling incorporates problem solving skills which is perfect for aiding in mastering concentration.  I can easily see this workout being a great way to relieve stress.  It would be really hard to continue worrying about the problems from your day while practicing juggling or going through this workout.  You just start having fun and forget about all the stress.  I totally forgot about the fact that I only got 3 hours of sleep last night as I was doing JuggleFit this evening.  As a matter of fact, I completely forgot how tired I even was because I was having fun while working out.  Don’t misunderstand me though, I could definitely feel that I was getting a work out yet I didn’t feel like I was “exercising.”  Juggling can also be used to help ward off food cravings or even to help you stop smoking.  If you just stop and take a few minutes to juggle when your mind hits that “slump”, you divert your mind and become focused on the aspects of juggling instead. You can learn more about Juggling to quit smoking here.

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For the sake of the review, I decided to break open the juggling balls even though I was sure we weren’t ready.  Boy, was I wrong.  The juggling balls are a ton of fun!  We were enjoying the scarves plenty but the balls are even better.  We were all laughing so hard as we took turns practicing with the balls.  I was able to do about 12 throws/catches before dropping one.  This was only after about 15 minutes of warm up practice with one, then two, then all three balls.  It took my husband a bit longer to start getting the hang of the balls and the only reason he quit was because he had to get back outside and finish chores.  I know he’ll be back at it again today as soon as he gets the chance.  I have a feeling that we will be investing in a couple sets of juggling balls very soon so we can continue to build these skills as a family.  The kids were coming up with all kinds of fun ideas for acts we could put on for our friends and family already.

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I really think that my favorite aspectof the JuggleFit program, though, is that my whole family can enjoy it.  Even our baby who is 10 months old was enjoying watching the rest of us.  Our 2, 5, and 8 year olds were all giving it a go as we’ve been doing our family juggling evenings.  They not only joined in with the juggling part, but they also participated in the warm up and cool down portions of the DVD as well.  Our family was pleased with the JuggleFit Be Active, Anytime, Anywhere program and we think yours would be too.  With two thumbs up, we feel that JuggleFit is a great investment for the many reasons listed above.

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You can find JuggleFit on Facebook and Twitter.  One lucky Emily Reviews reader will win their very own copy of Juggle Your Way to Fitness Beginner Level DVD which comes with a free set of scarves inside.  This giveaway is open to US residents and will end on May 4 th, 2013, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.




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