Thank you to txTylz Game – a primitive modern way to see it- for providing me with a copy of txTylz, free of charge, for review. These are my own honest opinions.

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Does your Father like to play games?  Or are you looking for a gift for Fathers Day that is different than the expected?  Does your dad seem to already have everything?  Then you need to take a look at txTylz, a game that is a modern-day cross between Pictionary and Scrabble with a sprinkle of Charades & Spoons.  This game is made in the USA with US hard wood maple.  Each tile piece is either engraved with a laser or hand stamped with with low VOC ink making all the pieces non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Being that txTylz is made from wood, it will last a lifetime and is sure to leave you with great memories.


The game of txTylz has a few different variations of play and other rules.  The main idea is to arrange your txTylz to say anything that you can convey, that makes sense.  The tiles can be used symbolically, literally, numerically, and phonetically to get your message across to the other players.  Because txTylz has no predetermined definition of each tile, this game can be used in any language at any time.  This game requires you to use critical thinking and word skills as well as word play and negotiating skills.  If any of the other players can not understand what you created, you need to talk them into seeing what you are saying.  If, at any time, you can’t convince them, you lose that play.  Points are scored for tiles used and deductions are taken for any left over tiles.  I really like the fact that you can gear this down to accommodate younger children.  Even though this game is marked for ages 13+, you can easily include the younger members of your family by slightly adjusting the rules.  My 5 and 8 year old had no trouble playing with me, although, we chose not to do the 2 minute timer rule when testing this game.  If playing with a larger group with a mixture of children and adults, you could always have different time limits for different ages.

Joan Severance, the creator of txTylz said, “My Dad was active in expanding my knowledge and abilities and I am proud to present txTylz to encourage and enhance all minds worldwide.  Lifetime memories are formed and etched in our minds with the experiences from playing games.”

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This game is a lot of fun.  Plus, txTylz is very portable.  This would also make a great game for Summer travels and camping trips.  So definitely give txTylz a look when trying to find that special gift for your dad or anyone else throughout the year.  It’s a game that is sure to please.  You can also connect with txTylz on Facebook.



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  • This looks like so much fun!!!

  • This looks really fun. Love that it has comes in a pouch not a box

  • Looks like this game would promote the imagination. I can’t figure out how those tiles are related!

  • Hi Miranda!

    I am such a game junkie that we have sibling 1 on 1 time where they get 15 minutes to play a board game with each sibling! TxTyles looks like it would be a great addition to our games since it is so small and portable! (Just what we need while we are roadschooling!) You should see all of the games we had to leave behind in storage because they were too bulky to take our our summer trip.

    I can’t wait to find TxTyles in stores – thank you so much for sharing your great find with us!


    • Miranda

      This game is perfect for your sibling 15 minutes of fun! My 5 and 8 year old do that too. They’ll just pull it out and play a couple rounds. It’s a lot of fun for the whole family.

  • Deb E

    I’m still in the gift buying spirit of Christmas, so think this is a fab gift idea for young and old. I’ve worked with older folks who are intimidated by the Scrabble and harder word games and this is a great alternative.

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