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New Years resolutions can be fun.  However, many people find it hard to stick by their goals.  While many choose to focus attention on losing weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle, others tend to want to organize and get their lives and belongings more in order to make life more enjoyable.  I have worked previously with a company that carriers some great shelving and storage solution options among other products and I was pleased to partner with them again.  This time, TRINITY sent me some baskets and drawers to review.

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TRINITY carries a large variety of quality products.  We found their EcoStorage Wire Basket w/Cover, EcoStorage Wire Drawer W/Slides, and EcoStorage Wire Drawer w/Cover to be no exception.  All three boast:

~50# Weight Limits

~Beautiful Chrome Color

~Eco-Friendly Production: which means that no toxic chemicals were released into the environment during the production of these products

~EcoStorage Finish

The first area that needed some organizational help in our home was our “mail stack”.  The Trinity Eco-Storage Wire Basket W/Cover was the perfect height and size to aid in our mail mountain woes.  While it is amazing how high you can pile mail before it tips over, I am truly preferring the organized basket look to the mountain of mail.  Not only is our mail neat and more organized, it’s much easier to sort through and toss away the old stuff now.

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The next area in our home that needed help was my cloth diaper area.  I have recently started using cloth and have been stacking my small supply.  It works but was messy and my husband always had trouble figuring out what to use.  Now with our Trinity Eco-Storage Drawer W/Cover, I am able to have the diapers and inserts ready to go for him.  He is able to easily grab a diaper and is ready to go now instead of digging through the stack.  It’s great to have a days worth of supply right at the tip of our fingers now.

trinity 203  trinity 1

The Trinity Eco-Storage Wire Drawer W/Slides is a great little product that can be attached to a cupboard or the Trinity Shelving Racks.  We already have the Trinity 5 Tier 60 x 24 x 72 so we decided to attach the Drawer to the shelf.  While our shelving unit is in our garage to help aid in organizing out there, I took pictures of some canned goods in the drawer to show how great it would be in a cupboard too.  We plan to use our drawer for the kid’s balls since they have such a variety (baseballs, softballs, tennis balls, kickballs, etc.) and it’s hard to keep track of them.  Each Spring we end up buying all new ones because they got lost by the end of the previous Summer.  I’m looking forward to having a designated spot for them this year!  The sliding motion will allow easy access to the ones that will even be in the back.

Trinity 205

Every product that I’ve seen with the TRINITY name has been top of the line.  These baskets and drawer were no exception.  They are fairly heavy, very sturdy, and strong.  Definitely made to last a long time.  We also have a set of their Chrome Bar Stools that are awesome.  Everyone comments on how nice they look, sit, and how heavy duty they are.

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You can read my previous reviews with TRINITY on their Bamboo Kitchen Cart and their 5-Tier Heavy Duty Wire Shelving HERE and HERE.

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Buy It: Head over to TRINITY to see for yourself the great selection of products they offer.

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Win It: Trinity is generously offering one of our lucky readers Two Baskets or Drawers of choice from their site. The giveaway is open to the US and Canada. The giveaway will end January 25th, 2014. For your chance to win, enter the Giveaway Tools below. Good luck!


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