Broccoli Cheese Soup #Recipe ~ Only 4 Ingredients + Seasonings

I love soup.  That being said, I currently only make two kinds.  I have a great Taco Soup recipe and then I came up with a Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe.  I have tried other kinds to no avail.  I failed at so many attempts of Home-Made Chicken Noodle Soup that my husband very kindly told me that I didn’t have to make that kind any more.  (This is coming from the guy who pretty much eats anything.  When we first got married and I would burn supper, he’d even have seconds.)  So I rarely give any new soup recipes a try any more although I did make myself a deal that I was going to start trying a couple new recipes a month and that includes soup!

When I first decided to try Broccoli Cheese Soup, I got the recipe from my Aunt.  My mom and cousin had bragged it up so much that I had to give it a try.  There were quite a few ingredients and I, personally, didn’t care for the end result.  I assumed that I had made a mistake along the way but I ate some soup at her house after that and still didn’t care for it.  Since I had Broccoli Cheese Soup at a restaurant in the past, I knew I liked it.  I just had to find the right recipe.  So I decided to give my own idea a try.

broccoli 1

Broccoli Cheese Soup:

~American Cheese

broccoli 8

I start by cutting the stems off my bunch of broccoli.  Place in large kettle and fill half full of water.

broccoli 7  broccoli 6

I then add my seasonings and butter.  I really like the Redmond’s brand.  The Season Salt is also Redmond’s.  I had purchased it in bulk and put it in my own container.  I don’t measure any of this and just sprinkle on the desired amount.

broccoli 3

I boil my mixture until the broccoli is soft and the water is almost gone.   This typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes on medium/high.  I do stir and check on it every 5 to 10 minutes.

broccoli 2

Next, I add the cheese and a splash of milk.  (The amount of milk depends on what consistency you prefer.  I use about 1/4 cup.)  For one bunch of broccoli, I find that 7 to 9 slices of cheese is about the perfect amount for us.  After it’s melted, give it a taste test and add more if preferred.  We prefer the FieldGate brand Sliced American cheese.

broccoli 1

I tend to make this soup about once a month.  We find it’s the perfect meal paired with salad and hot biscuits.


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