Gift ideas for tween and teen boys

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Finding a cool and unique gift idea for a teen or tween boy can be tough. Here are 20+ preteen and teenager gift ideas for christmas a birthday or any occasion.
Chamberlain Universal Garage Door Mini Remote

The new Universal Mini Garage Door Remote from Chamberlain offers amazing flexibility for those coming and going from home, without the use of a key! Sleek and compact, this lightweight device is compatible with all major brands and allows for control of two garage doors through a secure connection.  Perfect for kids to keep in their pocket or backpacks for easy access to the house after school!

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gotcha covered notebooks

Gotcha Covered Notebooks come in dozens of cover designs. Tween and teen boys can show off their interests or personality by using a notebook that reflects those interests. Plus, each cover can be personalized with a name and type of paper. For younger kids, wide ruled notebooks are great for school, while college-ruled is great for older teens. If you know an artistic guy then you can even have the notebook pages made as sketch pages instead of a regular notebook.

Learn more: Gotcha Covered Notebooks Review.

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BoJerky jerky subscription box

BoJerky is a premium beef jerky subscription box. Jerky is sourced from the US and is available in a few sizes. The regular size includes 2 packs of jerky per box and costs $21 for a single month (or price is reduced if you subscribe for 3+ months). There is also a double-subscription available which includes 4 bags per box, or a single flavor subscription which is just one bag. This is a great gift for any boy who enjoys jerky or who needs a high protein-diet such as boys in sports. It’s also a fun way to support indie jerky makers and find new varieties that you love.

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bocandy foreign candy subscription box

BoCandy is a sibling company to Bojerky (mentioned above). BoCandy is a subscription box for international candy. I have a teenage niece who watches unboxing videos of youtubers trying out foreign snacks that were sent to them by foreign viewers. Of course, most of us don’t know people in other countries so we can’t have them send us foreign treats to try out. However, subscribing to BoCandy will get you foreign snacks and treats to try out. Boxes start at just $11 a month and would be a great gift or you could subscribe in advance and then use the treats inside as a stocking stuffer for your teen.

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Orthodonist-recommended-to-prevent-gum-disease WELdental Water Flosser Starter Set

Orthodontist recommended and perfect for the teens and tweens in your life, be sure to check out the WELdental Water Flosser & Toothpaste Starter Set. This special water flosser offers a patent pending toothpaste delivery system. The WELtip provides a true 360 degree cleaning of each tooth!  Truly a complete system for better oral health.

Terracycle Tent Drop Kit Toiletry Bag

Eco friendly and packing a punch for usefulness, the TerraCycle Upcycled Tent Dropp Kit is the perfect gift to give to loved ones. Durable, light-weight, and designed with several pockets and storage areas, this product is made from recycled tents. It’s perfect for traveling, camping, or even use at home. Give a gift that is for the Earth as well as someone special in your life!


The Northwest Duck Dynasty Throw

Add The Northwest A&E’s Duck Dynasty “Beards Together” Woven Tapestry Throw under the tree for the teen and tween boys.  The ever-popular Robertsons Family is sure to be a hit when found wrapped up in this appealing camouflage throw.  Measuring in at 48″x 60″, this blanket is practical, fun, and truly a great gift that will be used all year round.

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hamperhoops from CVS

Encourage the teens in your life to put their dirty laundry where it belongs with a HamperHoop from CVS!  Designed to make keeping their room a little cleaner and more fun, the HamperHoop is simple to use and great for all ages.  Simply hang over the door and let the race to clean begin.

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Casio XW-G1 groove synthesizer

Encourage music and fun with the Casio XW-G1 Digital Groove Synthesizer.  Designed for the ones who enjoy being the DJ and performer, this unit has lots of great features including: synthesizer, solo synth, powerful arpeggiators, step sequencer, and more.  This one of a kind unit is sure to be a hit and keep kids busy and moving.

  • Learn More:  Head over to my Casio Review to learn more- coming soon.
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Big Mouth Inc. Buck The German Shepard Mask


For the teen or tween with a sense of humor, Big Mouth Inc. has you covered.  Consider the very realistic looking Buck The German Shepherd Mask for under the tree this year!  Everyone will have a blast with this awesome mask.  Our family has been using it to scare each other every chance we get.  So much fun can be had with Buck!

ERIK - Modarri X1 Camo Car:


Not your ordinary toy car, these little finger controlled Modarri vehicles pack a punch with performance and are a hit with all ages, men included.  The real suspension and ability to take hair pin turns create hours of fun.  However, the best part is that Modarri Cars can be taken apart, pieces swapped, and put back together to create a whole new vehicle!  Truly the Ultimate Toy Car!

AcuRite ~ Clocks, Alarms, Timers & More This Christmas! The Atomic Dual Alarm Clock with USB Charging & Temperature is the perfect gift to give to your teen this Christmas!

Pick up the AcuRite Projection Alarm Clock for the Teen and Tween Boys in your life and help them get a jump start on their day.  Featuring a projected time or temperature on the ceiling or wall, this Intelli-time Clock also provides indoor and outdoor temperatures along with a host of other great features!

Castile Soap ~ Organic exfoliating aloe vera

Bar soap is always a good go-to gift for the teen and tween boys (and even men!) in your life.  Consider Castile Soap‘s Organic Aloe Vera w/Exfoliating Top Complexion Correction for under the tree this year.  Created from the big juicy aloe vera plant leaves, this soap helps correct redness and blemishes while keeping skin from drying out.

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Other gift ideas for tween and teen boys:

        • A new bike
        • Skateboard
        • Skiis or snowboard
        • Headphones
        • Fitness tracker
        • Tablet or phone case
        • External hard drive, memory card or flash drive
        • Netflix or hulu plus subscription
        • Pajamas or slippers
        • Hat and glove set
        • Movie theater gift card
        • Tickets to a concert or sporting event
        • A wallet
        • Cologne
        • Slingshot
        • Mini fridge
        • Candy & snacks gift basket


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  • mycraftingworld

    This is a great selection of gifts for teen boys. But really, these are great gifts others too. I like the mini garage door opener, the jerky, and AcuRite Projection Alarm Clock .

  • Chelsey Bennett

    I feel like this is the hardest age/gender to shop for. That German Shepard mask has me cracking up though. I’m sure my son would be delighted to surprise people in something like that. Thanks for the ideas.

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