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Circle C Adventures ~ Wholesome Books For Kids

I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember.  Actually, it drove my parents crazy because I always had my nose in a book!  I’d read the entire one hour bus ride (each way!), between classes, and even stay up school  nights reading by the red glow of my alarm clock.  Now it turns out, we have a daughter who is exactly like me!  And, it drives me a little crazy some times too because she’ll be reading instead of doing chores or schoolwork.  Thankfully, we’ve discovered an amazing author who has written a few wholesome series that are perfect for our kids.  Enter: Circle C Adventures!

Circle C Adventures ~ Wholesome Books For Kids

Circle C Beginnings ~ The Adventures Of Andi & Taffy

Geared for readers, ages 6 to 9, the Circle C Beginnings Series introduces readers to the spunky 6 year old Andi Carter.  She is growing up in 1874 on Circle C Ranch while enjoying exciting days with her friend Riley and little foal Taffy.  Adventures abound in this fun series and our 10 year old daughter devoured the entire 6 books in just two days.

Circle C Adventures + Tales From The Circle C Ranch

Next up and geared for ages 9 to 14, is Tales From The Circle C Ranch.  This adventure series continues to follow Andi and Taffy as they continue to find new adventures.  We did not receive any of this 6-book series but my daughter is putting these on her Christmas list!

Circle C Milestones ~ Wholesome Books For Kids Geared for ages 12 and up.

Circle C Milestones

To further her adventures, Andrea “Andi” Carter is venturing into teen years and still heading out on exciting new adventures.  Finishing school and enjoying ranch life, Andi comes to realize that growing up is harder than breaking a wild horse!  This series currently has two books and we can’t wait to see more!

Circle C Adventures ~ Wholesome Books For Kids, Adventure Novels for boys!

Goldtown Adventures

It’s back to 1864 and the California Gold Rush is almost over but join but 12-year-old Jem Coulter and his sister as they try to pan more gold from Cripple Creek.  Adventurous fun that’s perfect for young boys searching for good wholesome chapter books. Geared for ages 8-12, our family is loving this series!

Circle C Adventures ~ Wholesome Books For Kids, Adventure Novels for girls and boys! Join Andi & Taffy as they find many adventures. Then visit Jem and head out to the Gold Rush!

Our 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son have been devouring their Circle C Ranch and Goldtown Adventures books.  I love being able to hand over chapter books without worrying what they will discover between the covers as these are wholesome stories that captivate their audience.

Circle C Adventures ~ Wholesome Books For Kids, Adventure Novels for girls and boys! Join Andi & Taffy as they find many adventures. Then visit Jem and head out to the Gold Rush!

One really awesome thing about all of these series is that there are also free printable activity pages available on the website for each book as well as LapBooks that can be purchased to add even more learning and fun!  Our kids have been loving the free printables and really want to get LapBooks to go along with these series and transform this into a Unit Study!  I love how enthusiastic they’ve been about reading and learning and I’m so happy to have discovered these awesome books!

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    I love horses and ranches in general so I’d love to gift these books to young readers. I like how they are specific books geared toward boys and girls.

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