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Sometimes, a person may need a nudge to get them into the spirit of redecorating or sprucing up the interior of their home.  I know I can get in a rut where I just don’t know what color scheme to go with, accent pieces to choose, or what to put on the walls.  Since Christmas is coming, perhaps inspiring your loved ones with a WallPops product or gift certificate could be the perfect gift this year.  They have some awesome Wall Decals as well as a new line of NuWallPaper to choose from.

My family (all 7 of us!) just played musical bedrooms a couple weeks ago.  My husband and I finally moved back down to the main level since the kids needed a little more space upstairs and they are finally getting to the age (since our oldest is almost 11) where we feel comfortable with them on a different floor than us.  So, after about nine years, we needed to turn our school/play room back into a bedroom!  While this particular room started as our bedroom when we first got married, it has gone through several transformations to fit our needs.  From bedroom to a play room, then a school room, then a combination of both and now finally back to our bedroom again.  We started moving out furniture before I remembered to take a before picture but here is what we were dealing with:

WallPops NuWallPaper, Removeable wallpaper

Unfortunately, the blue wall didn’t quite fit my vision for our bedroom and the carpet had to go as well because it had oil stains all over from my brother-in-law.  Since I didn’t feel like painting right now, I turned to WallPops and their new line: NuWallPaper.  They offer several great options in this repositionable and removable wallpaper so I narrowed it down to the Grey & White Brick, Birch Tree, Yellow Awning, and Taupe Zig Zag and had my husband do the honors of choosing.  He immediately chose the WallPops Birch Tree.

WallPops NuWallPaper, Removeable wallpaper Birch Tree

One of my best friends had recently moved back to town and she is awesome at decorating so I asked if she would help me with the install.  We read through the directions and watched this helpful video from WallPops.

Then we got busy.  Just like in the video, we started at the top of the wall and worked our way down, removing the back as we went.  I loved that we were able to reposition and fix the wallpaper any time we had issues with a major bubble or started going crooked.  The entire wall went up fairly easily until the final corner, and that was only because we were working in a tight spot and should have just moved the bed!  Here’s our final results:

WallPops NuWallPaper, Removeable wallpaper Birch Tree

Everyone who has seen our renovation has absolutely loved it!  They immediately have to walk up to the wall and touch it.  It’s unique and fun.  Now I just have to get my husband to hang up our blinds and our new bedroom is complete!

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