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Thank you to AcuRite for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for this honest blog review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

AcuRite Clock ~ AcuRite Atomic Clock with USB Charger & Dual Alarm

Almost my whole life, I’ve had trouble sleeping.  When I was young, I would spend hours reading at night and finally only crash an hour or two before my alarm would go off to get me up for school.  After high school, I started my own daycare and was exhausted enough at the end of the day that I would actually head to bed most nights at a decent time and sleep well.  After getting married and starting our family, sleep went out the window.  Between pregnancies, newborns, and toddlers, nobody except my husband got much sleep around here!  (Any other wives feel the same way???)

I finally feel like we have a great routine down, even with having to get up 1 to 4 times a night to nurse our toddler but there was something still preventing adequate sleep…….My cell phone.  Being connected 24/7 was causing me to surf the net, scroll through Facebook, or check emails till 11 pm each night and my sleep was suffering.  So I made a pact with myself.  Since my “excuse” for having my phone in our room was because I needed an alarm, I decided to get myself an alarm clock.  So AcuRite hooked me up with one of their great products.

AcuRite Atomic Clock with USB Charger & Dual Alarm

AcuRite Atomic Clock with USB Charger & Dual Alarm Features:

~Indoor Temperature Reading
~2 Easy To Set Alarm Clocks (Option For Every Day, Weekdays, or Weekend Only!)
~Alarm Clock Volume Control
~Atomic Clock
~Month, Date, & Year Reading
~Easy To Read Illuminated Color Display
~Indoor Temperature Gage
~Battery Backup
~USB Charging

AcuRite Clock ~ AcuRite Atomic Clock with USB Charger & Dual Alarm

I love this clock!  I no longer bring my cell phone into the bedroom and I’m getting more sleep now.  I really like the dual alarm clock option as I have one set for every day and the second one set for our early Sunday morning wake-up.  The easy side flip button makes turning them off a breeze while the snooze on top allows me a few extra minutes when needed.  This is a great alarm and I am thrilled to have it at my disposal.  Both my husband and son each have an AcuRite Alarm Clock and have been just as happy with theirs too!

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