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Are you or a loved one trying to improve your physical health? The journey towards better health can be difficult without the support and encouragement from a coach. Due to busy schedules, locations and budgets, not everyone has the option of having a personal coach. Jabra has created a perfect solution with their Sport Coach wireless earbuds.

Jabra Sport Coach wireless earbuds are the next best cross training tool. These little guys are able to deliver personalized coaching to help support you and encourage you. Jabra Sport Coach earbuds are equipped with Trackfit motion sensors and Dolby powered music. They are sweat and weatherproof.

To push yourself even further, Jabra Sport Coach also has an integrated cross training app available for download. With the app, you are able to plan, track and analyze your workouts. It provides suggestions on how to best optimize each workout for you to see results faster.

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I really didn’t know what to expect with the Jabra Sport Coach wireless earbuds. I have never tried a product like this before. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the earbuds are to wear. The Dolby sound quality is nice and clear. I like having workout options, this makes me feel like I can really personalize things to my skill level (now and future). Perhaps my favorite feature is the Trackfit motion sensor. It allows me to keep track of my progress and challenge myself to do better with each workout. I really like the Jabra Sport Coach wireless earbuds. I look forward to using them more and discovering new ways to motivate myself.


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  • Dandi D

    I’d like to try a nice pair of earbuds like these!

  • mycraftingworld

    This sounds like a great idea for motivation. I bet this would be great for my husband. What a great Father’s Day gift.

  • Deb E

    I haven’t had a coach help me with my workouts since high school, so I’d love to give these a try. I know Jabra is a highly rated brand and I really need some new earbuds. I think Dad would understand, lol.

  • Maryann D.

    These Jabra Sport Coach wireless earbuds do look well made to last. My children go through a lot of earbuds and I would like to get them a higher quality brand also.

  • Lauryn R

    These headphones sound like the perfect ones for working out! I love that they have a motion sensor to track you, this is such a useful feature that upgrades them from just regular ear buds. 🙂 The fact that they are waterproof is pretty neat too!

  • kathy downey

    The Jabra Sport Coach wireless earbuds sounds just like what my son is looking for,will fill him in on this product.Thanks for the review

  • justin tan

    These wireless earbuds would be perfect for my daily morning run. love the features and the design too

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