HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds Review

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After two years of testing, redesigning, and adjusting, the FiiTii HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds were finally released in June of this year.  After testing them out myself, I think it was worth the wait!

FiiTii HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds Review

HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds Review

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t think I’m a very ‘tech-y’ person.  With that said, I had my FiiTii HiFiDots unboxed, charged, and working with no issues or delays in no time at all!  Once opened, I charged them up.  Then I connected them to my phone through BlueTooth.  After that, I was able to start using immediately.

I feel the overall sound quality is good.  Hearing phone calls through my HiFiDots was also easy.  All in all, these ear buds are comfortable and great for daily wear.

FiiTii HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds Review

What makes the HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds sound different?

The HiFiDots features a bass dynamic driver that’s 10mm.  This meticulously designed internal structure features a double-layer structure which allows the magnetic flux to increase by a significant 20%- resulting in lush, full mids and potently dynamic bass.  The exclusively customized BA drivers are placed closer to the opening of the sound tube for less treble loss.  So in short, the FiiTii team worked hard to make sure they were delivering a high quality product.  

HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds Review

HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds Features At A Glance:

  • Clear calling:  It features a 3 mic noise cancellation for calls.
  • Small, comfortable size:  Weighing in at just 4.2g for each bud, the small size and lightness of these wireless earbuds provides a stable and comfortable wearing experience. 
  • Water resistant:  Designed with IPX7 Water Resistance technology to protect these Bluetooth earbuds from sweat and water splash, you can wear without worry.

HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds Review

  • CD-level sound quality: The sound is rendered in details by experienced tuners to reach to a decent level with Triple-driver Frequency Division(1 Dynamic+2 Balanced Armature). 
  • Stable HiFi Music: In order to decrease data distortion and keep high-fidelity music playing, the bit-rate is sped up to 1.2 Mbps.
  • Adjustable ANC: You can start with moderate ANC when ambient sound is acceptable, while you can also toggle HiFiDots to strong ANC that noise can be cancelled up to 47dB when you are on noisy condition.
  • Multipoint connection: HiFiDots can be paired with two devices at the same time!
  • No-lag gaming experience: Benefited by advanced chipset(Qualcomm 3071), the real-time delay is reduced to 68ms. Don’t miss any chance to get victory.

HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds Review

  • Brand-new FiiTii App: Get started to set up your customization. EQ adjustment, buttons’setting, voice assistant, wearing detection and LED settings.
  • Fast charging:  In just 10 minutes charging time, you’ll be able to use your HiFiDots for 100 minutes!

FiiTii HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds Review

Available in two color options, choose from the sleek black or gorgeous green.  They are the perfect size to slip in those Christmas stockings this year so consider grabbing that ‘wow gift’ now!

FiiTii HiFiDots Wireless Earbuds Review

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