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Thank you to CrossBreed Holsters for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for this honest blog review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  **The firearm shown during our review was unloaded and safety checked.

CrossBreed Holsters ~ Father's Day Last Minute Gift Idea: SuperTuck Deluxe Conceal and Carry Holster

My husband had ONE absolute must-have request on his wish list for this Fathers Day and that was a specific holster from CrossBreed Holsters.  He has been looking at holsters for years now and came across this one awhile ago but didn’t want to make a purchase in haste (again… he already bought one holster that he dislikes from another brand) so has continued his search.  However, all roads have led back to the CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck® Deluxe.  While my husband has had his conceal and carry permit for over five years now, he’s only carried a handful of times because that first holster he purchased was uncomfortable and bulky.  Now things have changed with the help of CrossBreed.

CrossBreed Holsters ~ Father's Day Last Minute Gift Idea: SuperTuck Deluxe Conceal and Carry Holster: SuperTuck Deluxe Inside Pants Holster

Before I tell you more about this holster, I’ll back up a little.  I told the story awhile back so I’ll give an abridged version.  A few years ago, in the middle of the day, we had a man walk into our home.  Being on the farm, this wasn’t entirely unusual to have people I didn’t know show up but it was alarming that he walked right in and was behaving oddly.  Something was definitely off about him and no matter how many times I tried hollering for my husband who was napping upstairs, I couldn’t get his attention.  After finally enlisting our young daughter to go get daddy, I finally had a little peace that I wasn’t “alone” in this situation.  However, once he came down, I had no idea what to do!  Should I call the cops, get a weapon, stay close…. I just didn’t know???  To make this short, the man was on drugs and seemed harmless enough since he was trying to pay us money for something (which we didn’t take), he finally realized he had the wrong house and left in a rush.  My husband ran after him as he was in no condition to drive but he drove away as I called 911.  He crashed his car up the road from us and the entire situation left us both shaken and determined to get prepared in the event that we would have to protect our family.  So we both got our conceal and carry permits and guns as well as came up with a code for when there is a situation going on.

The SuperTuck Deluxe in an “in the waistband holster” that comes designed and molded to fit each specific gun so it’s important to know the exact firearm when purchasing.  There are also three choices for the color and leather: Hand Dyed Cowhide Black, Premium Cowhide, or Horsehide Natural.  The metal clips on the belt easily slide onto a belt  while the holster slips inside the wearer’s pants providing a slim, sleek, and discreet fit.

CrossBreed Holsters ~ Father's Day Last Minute Gift Idea: SuperTuck Deluxe Conceal and Carry Holster: SuperTuck Deluxe Inside Pants Holster

The SuperTuck Deluxe offers great gun retention yet slides smoothly in and out.  My husband really likes that there is a nice audible clicking sound when the gun slides in, as he then knows it’s secured.  He is absolutely thrilled with this holster and highly recommends it to anyone who is in the market for this type of product.

CrossBreed Holsters ~ Father's Day Last Minute Gift Idea: SuperTuck Deluxe Conceal and Carry Holster: SuperTuck Deluxe Inside Pants Holster

A Little About CrossBreed Holsters:  This company was created by an amazing man by the name of Mark Craighead.  He built this company and created high quality products with his passion for the firearms industry while also staying true to his customers and faith.  CrossBreed Holsters and Mark’s family is committed to carrying on Mark’s vision, passion, and legacy through each and every product they offer.

CrossBreed Holsters ~ Father's Day Last Minute Gift Idea: SuperTuck Deluxe Conceal and Carry Holster: SuperTuck Deluxe Inside Pants Holster

Buy It: Head over to CrossBreed Holsters to see for yourself the great selection of products they offer.

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  • Deb E

    Very timely post and a great lesson to learn from your story. Very nice of your hubby to help out with the blog too and it looks like he loves this holster!

  • Amber Ludwig

    My hubby has his conceal carry and carries on almost a daily basis. More for comfort! He has a pretty great holster with similar placement as this one! He says its super comfy!! Are you planning on getting yours?? Ive been considering it.

    • Miranda

      I actually do have my permit as well and do plan to start carrying, just not sure how soon. Just taking the class was extremely informative though and I like knowing I have the option to carry if I’d like.

  • kathy downey

    Thanks for the great review,this sure sounds like a sturdy and comfortable hoslter

  • Danielle S

    My husband has been thinking of a conceal carry license. I know he will want to know about this comfortable holster that makes wearing a firearm secure and comfortable.

  • mycraftingworld

    That was a scary story. I am glad you are OK. I like the idea of a molded holster. That seems to be the smart way to make sure things fit like they should. I am telling some friends of mine about it.

  • Dandi D

    I think my husband would really like something like this!

  • ellen beck

    These are great holsters. Not bulky and very comfortable. We know someone that has one. I also think they are a nice gift and a good value.

  • Rosie

    This is good info. I don’t have a gun right now, but I may be moving and I’m a senior and all alone. I’ve been trying to figure out what I will do to protect myself, as a security system any good at all is very expensive, and perps can be very smart. There are quite a few seniors packing it now. When I was younger, my apt was broken into while I was there. I had seen his shadow through the window coming around to the door. I hid and he took my pocketbook and then left. It was very frightening as they don’t even care if you are there. I’ve been researching good dogs for security – they say small yippy dogs scare most perps off, you don’t need a dog that looks scary.

  • Jan

    We purchased one over the weekend! Thanks for the review. 🙂

  • Lauryn R

    What a scary situation! I definitely believe in home protection, and getting your license was a great choice! This looks like an awesome holster, my husband needs something like this. We also have a gun safe to keep ours in, gives me peace of mind as well.

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