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We live out in the country. We are surrounded by 200+ acres of farm land. Occasionally, we get a critter in the house. One day I was sitting in our quiet front room and heard a rustling sound. I tracked it to our game cabinet. I opened the puzzle drawer and found a mouse eating a sudoku puzzle. He/she had completely shredded the puzzle book. Knowing the little bit I know about rodents when you find one, you usually have others hiding. I headed to town that afternoon to find traps. I didn’t want to use toxic chemicals around my family or our pets. I also didn’t want to use those snapping traps because we have lots of little hands in our house. I wasn’t 100% sure what I was looking for. I didn’t find anything that fit my wants at our home improvement store, so I came home empty handed.

The next day, I was approached by EarthKind to review their Stay Away Natural Pest Prevention & Repellents. Perfect timing, right?! For my review, I was sent the Stay Away Starter Kit.


Stay Away pouches are made with all natural plant fibers. Each pouch is then scented with essential oils to repel specific critters. Some of the essentials oils include lemongrass, cedar, rosemary, and thyme. To use, simply decided which pouch best fits your needs. Then slide the pouch into the pouch pod. The pod has a hook to make hanging easier. Each pod comes with suggestions on where to place your pod for effectiveness.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with Stay Away pouches. I was pleasantly surprised by how good they smell. After placing them in my home, my family asked me if I had bought new air-fresheners. Lol. We have had our Stay Away pouches now for about three weeks. In that time, I haven’t seen any critters. This leads me to believe they are working.


Buy It: Please visit the EarthKind website to see the great selection of products they offer and convenient shopping locations.

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WIN IT: One winner is going to receive a Stay Away Starter Kit. This is a US giveaway and it is set to end on 11/02/2016.

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  • Maryann D.

    I would absolutely love to try Stay Away pouches in my home. I do not like to use chemicals, but this would be perfect and I am sure I would like the scent and to get rid of critters!

  • Jessica Jaeger

    I would love to win this product kit! We have ants, mice, and spiders in our home and just moved in a new rescue pup! I hate to use chemicals or anything that could harm her, but do not want her catching one of those little mice! This product looks and sounds fantastic, good luck to everyone!

  • Friederike Graedener

    What a great product!!! We live in SE Texas and there are always so many bugs and rodents, which attract snakes….
    I would love to try this

  • Jeanine Carlson

    I love using natural oils and I think this is an awesome idea! I’d even want them for air fresheners!!

  • Deb E

    My elderly parents live next to a farm and could use this. I’m always preaching to them to use more natural products too. I’ll have to shown them this.

  • Jeanine Carlson

    Essential oils have so many great uses- here’s one I hadn’t tried before.

  • Susan Hartman

    Its amazingwhat the essential oils can do. Last year an exterminator came and got rid of carpenter bees with a mix of peppermint and I think rosemary. If I end up with mice problems as I often do I have to remember Earth Kind.

  • Hey Emily

    I’m Rana, an entrepreneur and a blogger. I just had a look at your site and loved it!

    Anyways, I saw that you inspire people with your posts… so I was wondering if you’d like to review our new Ultrasonic Pest Repeller?

    Would that be a good fit for the site?

    Thought your readers might like it! 🙂 Want me to send one over?

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