Encouraging learning and fostering education can seem daunting but it’s truly easier than ever before.  There are lots of great hands on ways that families can build skills, experiment, broaden horizons, and  make learning fun and one great way is through games.

Logic Roots ~ Give Games That Combine Learning & Fun! {Holiday Gift Idea}

Today, I’m happy to partner with Logic Roots and share a variety of their amazing educational and FUN games with you.  Our family has truly been enjoying these and we think they’d make a great addition under the Christmas tree this year!

OCEAN RAIDERS Addition Math Game

Logic Roots ~ Give Games That Combine Learning & Fun! {Holiday Gift Idea} ~ Ocean Raiders Addition Math Game

The OCEAN RAIDERS Addition Math Board Game and free printables Game helps kids master their addition skills and number sequencing while playing a spin of of the classic ladder and slide game.  Geared for ages 5 and up, we tested with our 11, 9, 6, and 4 year old children.  Going with the ocean theme, there are raging whirlpools throughout the board that can help you or make you further away from the treasure.  Because the numbers are not in order, it took the kids a couple rounds to get the hang of the game but as soon as they did, they were able to play mostly by themselves.   To play, just shake the die and then place your marker on that number.  For rounds two and up, you shake again and ADD to the number you’re currently on and need to locate your new place on the board.  Everyone is rushing to get to Sector 49 to win and my kids had an absolute blast.

Logic Roots ~ Give Games That Combine Learning & Fun! {Holiday Gift Idea} ~ Ocean Raiders Addition Math Game

This game encourages kids to close their eyes, focus, and count but they also include a wipe-able board for anyone who needs extra help.  You write your current number at the top, dice roll on the side, and then count up.  I loved that our older kids were able to help our 4 year old play and encourage him to help count along the way.  Overall, this was a really great game that we all loved.

CLOUD HOPPER Addition & Subtraction Board Game

Logic Games ~ CLOUD HOPPER Addition and Subtraction board game STEM toy Math manipulative gift for 6 years and up

CLOUD HOPPERS Subtraction Board Game & Free Printables was the second game we opened as we’re working our way from easier to harder.  This game features subtraction for the first half and then there is addition towards the bottom.  Players each pick two alien tokens and work to get them both to the magical flower, Cyta.

Logic Games ~ CLOUD HOPPER Addition and Subtraction board game STEM toy Math manipulative gift for 6 years and up

What makes this game extra fun is the variety of clouds.  Watch out for the lightning clouds that zap you and send you back to the spaceship.  Rain clouds help you flow down to the cloud below.  The black clouds require that specific alien to miss a turn.  The kids’ favorite are the safe clouds which are orange.  The fact that no two aliens can be on the same cloud (with the exception of the “safe clouds”) makes this game extra fun as they love sending each other back to the top!

SAY CHEESE CAFÉ Multiplication Tables Game

Logic Roots Math Game ~ Say Cheese Mulitiplication

Next up, we have the SAY CHEESE Cafe’ Multiplication Game & Free Printables.  Originally when we opened the box, we were confused as our instruction booklet was misprinted and had doubles of some pages and missing others.  Thankfully, Logic Roots offered to send us a new copy right away and emailed me the instructions so we could play while we waited for the hard copy.  Once we had all the rules, the concept was simple!  The players take turns spinning the spinner and drawing out coins.  If the number has a multiple that matches the spin number, they say “Cheese!” and get to collect all the coins in the bin.  If it’s not a multiple of the spun number, the coin number is announced and tossed into the bin and it’s the next players turn using the same multiple until some “wins” the stash.  There are some extra fun coins besides the cheese pizza and pasta including cookies, desserts, and the not so great ROTTEN coins!  If a rotten coin is drawn, the entire stash in the box goes bad and needs to be dumped into the trash. 

Logic Roots Math Game ~ Say Cheese Mulitiplication

While this game is geared for ages 7 and up, our recently turned 6 year old has been managing to hold his own quite well, especially when the multiple is 2.  This game has been another smashing success and the kids have been playing daily!


Logic Roots Math Games ~ Monkey Fractions

We moved on to MONKEY Fractions Card Game & Free Printables next.  The box mentions that this is a card game but I still wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  So we opened the game and read through the instructions book.  Turns out, it’s a fun spin on memory! 

 Logic Roots Math Games ~ Monkey Fractions

The game starts out by spreading the cards out in a 4 x 8 board.  Then, the kids take turns flipping one card at a time.  Cards will either hold a number fraction or a picture fraction.  As matches are found, the pairs are kept by the finder and at the end of the game, the person with the most matches wins.  Rated for grades 1 and up, this game was a little harder for our younger kids as there is the need for reading the picture cards (otherwise, players wouldn’t know whether the card is showing 1/10 or 9/10 when there is one item different.  The bottom of the card tells you which way to read the fraction.) 

BIG CATCH Division Game

BIG CATCH division (advanced) board game STEM toy Math manipulative gift for 10 years and up ~ Logic Roots

Our final Logic Roots game for our Holiday Gift Guide is their BIG CATCH Division Board Game and Free Printables.  This was the hardest game for our kiddos as it was rated for ages 10 and up and helps cover division skills.  However, we did still manage to include our 6 year old and it was neat to see the kids make the connection of how division and multiplication are related!

BIG CATCH division (advanced) board game STEM toy Math manipulative gift for 10 years and up ~ Logic Roots

To play, each little island has a number on it and that stands for how many “people” are on it.  On your turn, draw a card and that number stands for how many fish you have.  Players need to divide the number of fish by the number of people on their island.  If any fish are left over, those are for “keeps” and count as points at the end.  The number of fish that each player received is the number of spots the player gets to move on the board.  There are special islands that have bridges or even make you go back as well as a helicopter island to help you jump ahead.  Even though it was the hardest, the kids really enjoyed playing but just needed a little help from time to time.

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with the games from Logic Roots.  I love that the kids get tons of extra practice as they are not only working on their own problems, but they also help figure out and learn when the other players have their turns as well.  They are truly getting so much more practice than they would with a typical worksheet or even flashcards but the best part is that these games are so much fun that they don’t even realize it!  Plus, extra props to their customer service for being so prompt on fixing the issue with the Say Cheese game.  Awesome games from a great company!

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  • gloria patterson

    I will have to check these games out to give as Angel Christmas gifts. I always like to add a few extra things to there wish/want list

  • Michelle S

    These games look educational but fun! I love games where kids might not even realize they are learning.

  • Deb E

    I love the Monkey Fractions game! These smaller games are much more portable than are old games. You can even take them in the car or on a trip without much fuss. Fun and learning should always go together.

  • Sue Hull

    I love educational games. I know my niece likes to learn something when she plays a game. These are some great games.

  • Dandi D

    These look like some really fun games to give the nieces and nephews for Christmas!

  • gala

    Those games are wonderful alternative to “computer” time. Kids are spending time with family/friends and they learn and develop intellectual abilities at the same time.

  • Cynthia R

    We are trying to limit TV and computer time, board games and card games would be a great idea for christmas gifts with that goal in mind.

  • Danielle S

    These games look like lots of fun! Even though my grandchildren are a bit young for them, it might be handy to get at least one now instead of waiting and forgetting about them.

  • Lauryn R

    I love teaching my kids through games, it’s so much fun for everyone! 🙂 This brand sounds awesome, I will definitely check them out! I homeschool my three children and am always looking for new resources! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • kristen visser

    These are so fun! we actually are in need of some family games as we only have one. My girls would definitely love Cheese and Big Catch looks like a good one too. Thanks for sharing these games. I actually have never heard of them before

  • Amber Ludwig

    I love games that makes learning fun!! I love it when I can “trick” my kiddo into learning lol!! I love that the ocean game includes a wipeable board for those that need a little help!! I was always better at working out problems and seeing them visually 🙂

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