I remember back when I was young, I loved playing with a variety of dolls.  I had baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and a host of others in a variety of sizes.  However, I also remember that I preferred to play with the ones that had a purpose, accessories, and other fun aspects to them.  So when I recently discovered Betty Spaghetty, I was really curious to learn more.  With having two daughters of my own now, I’m always on the look-out for unique and fun things that will keep their attention and Betty really drew me in.

Sending a big thank you to Moose Toys for sending us some awesome Betty Spaghetty goodies for Christmas!
Give Betty Spaghetty For Christmas {Betty Spaghetty Hair Fashion Pack}

The Betty Spaghetty line up is really neat.  Betty is a bendable rubber doll who has a variety of accessories that can be mixed and matched!  They are all compatible with the other Betty Spaghetty dolls, including her friends.  Originally launched in 1998, Betty Spaghetty has a new updated look and is sure to be a hit this Christmas!  Check out some of the great choices below:

Betty Spaghetty S1 Hair Fashion Pack

The Betty Spaghetty S1 Hair Fashion Pack is sure to be a become a favorite.  Complete with chic school fashion options, kids can build their Betty with their favorite combinations.  This amazing set comes complete with:

  • 1 Full Doll
  • Extra Pair Of Arms
  • Extra Pair Of Legs
  • 2 Additional School Fashions
  • 3 Fashion Ponytails
  • 4 Hair Coils
  • 12 Hair Beads
  • 4 Hair Clips
  • 6 Elastic Bands
  • Doll Stand

Betty Spaghetty S1 Hair Fashion Pack

So as you can see, this set offers many mix and match options to create the perfect school Betty, every day of the week!  Brightly colored and so much fun, kids love using their imaginations and can spend hours playing with Betty Spaghetty.

Other options are available are the Single Pack Betty Spaghetty Sets:
Give Betty Spaghetty For Christmas {Betty Spaghetty Hair Fashion Pack}

Or the Deluxe Mix & Match Set:
Give Betty Spaghetty For Christmas {Betty Spaghetty Hair Fashion Pack}

I really love that all the pieces coordinate and fit with others in this line as it makes Betty Spaghetty a great toy set to keep adding to for birthdays and future Christmases!

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