Our kids love playing games.  Actually, I don’t think I know a single child who doesn’t!  That’s why teachers find it so beneficial to teach through games too.  Kids have fun while learning and typically even forget the fact that they are being educated at the time.  Today, I’m happy to partner with Wonder Forge to share a fun new game that helps build listening skills, encourages movement, and focuses on following directions.

Disney Princess Magical Tiara Adventures Game

The Electronic Talking Magical Tiara Adventures Game is a bit unique in several ways.  While most games need at least two players, this Magical tiara only requires one.  (While the package does say for one or more players, it’s best for a single player in my opinion unless you have a child who absolutely LOVES to share…….  This does not necessarily describe our 2 year old!)

Disney Princess Magical Tiara Adventures Game

After un-packaging the Magical Tiara, the only thing that needed to be done before play was to insert two AAA batteries.  While not included, we always try to keep a small battery supply on hand so we were ready to play in no time.

Disney Princess Magical Tiara Adventures Game

The band is stretchy so it easily fits and stays on kids of multiple sizes.  It’s not adjustable though so I’m unsure if it will eventually stretch out but so far it’s working well.  Our 2 year old all the way up to our 11 year old can easily wear the crown because of the forgiving fit.  The inside of the crown features some foam cushion pads to make wearing the crown comfortable.

Disney Princess Magical Tiara Adventures Game

Designed to be a motion tracker Tiara, stories and games are played by following along with what the Tiara says!  The smart sensors track when different movements like running, jumping, twirling, and dancing are performed and then the game continues with the next instruction.

Disney Princess Magical Tiara Adventures Game

I really like that the Disney Princess Magical Tiara Adventures Game encourages kids to get up and move.  It’s a bonus that kids can have a blast playing by themselves or can take turns wearing the crown and perform the duties, moves, and story together.  Overall, our kids really like it, including the boys as it’s different than the typical game!

Disney Princess Magical Tiara Adventures Game
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