20 Ways To Eat SPAM Meat
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Hungry?  What’s for dinner is a question you’ll hear often around my home.  Everyone always wants to know.  I love making home cooked meals for my family but sometimes I just don’t have enough time!  Or I can make some parts from scratch but need a little help on the sides.  So I like to turn to packaged rices, pastas, and bagged salads for a little time saving help when needed.  One food item I find that many people use is SPAM.  While my favorite way to serve up SPAM is cut into small pieces on my homemade pizza, there are lots of other ways!  Most I had never even considered!

20 Ways To Eat SPAM Meat

Oh, The Many Ways To Eat SPAM

So if you’re looking for a little SPAM-spiration, you’ve come to the right place!  Take a leap and give one of the following ways a try:

  1. Homemade SPAM Pizza – Just cut the SPAM into bite sized pieces and sprinkle over your sauce and crust.  Cover with cheese and bake!  MY FAVORITE!
  2. Hawaiian SPAM Dinner – Slice SPAM and pineapple and grill.  Perfect for summer.
  3. SPAM Scrambled Eggs – Cut SPAM into small pieces and fry with your scrambled eggs.  Top with cheese.  Serve over white rice.
  4. SPAM Musubi – Basically it’s SPAM with rice and seaweed.  It’s in a rectangle shape and you use a mold to make it perfect.
  5. Breakfast SPAM – Grate the SPAM, add mozzarella, onion, and green pepper.  Put mixutre on top of English muffins and bake.
  6. SPAM Fried Rice – Fry your rice and spam together.
  7. Comfort Meal – SPAM, potatoes, Jalapeños, and onions & Naneeskadi (Navajo tortillas).
  8. SPAM Sandwich – Slice the SPAM and add mayo, lettuce, cheese, and pickles to your bread.
  9. Fried SPAM – Slice and fry it until crispy on the edges.  Serve with fried potatoes and a dippy fried egg on top of it all.
  10. SPAM & Egg Sandwich – It’s as simple as it sounds!
  11. Cold SPAM Salad – It’s an egg salad with boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and add finely chopped SPAM.
  12. BBQ SPAM – Fry with onions and a bit of barbecue sauce on a toasted bun.
  13. Pan Fried SPAM – Pan fry slides of SPAM in 1T butter and serve with baked beans, fried potatoes and onions, or mac and cheese.
  14. SPAM Macaroni Salad – Make macaroni salad with peas, spam, and miracle whip.
  15. Macaroni & Cheese SPAM – Add diced small pieces of fried SPAM into Mac and cheese.
  16. Grilled SPAM Cheese Sandwich – Add a slice of SPAM to your grilled cheese sandwich.
  17. Sautéed SPAM – Cube the SPAM.  Saute with onions and garlic. When the SPAM is browned add one can of stewed tomatoes and a can of corn (or green beans). Serve over rice.
  18. SPAM Bake – Slice SPAM and potatoes thinly.  Add butter and cheese in the between the layers. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or till potatoes are done between the layers of SPAM.
  19. Spicy SPAM – Fry spam with wilted spinach, fire roasted jalapeños, and fresh grated Parmesan cheese.
  20. Garden Salad Spam – Make a fresh garden salad and sprinkle chopped SPAM over the top.

Have you tried eating or serving SPAM in any of these ways?  Or if I missed your favorite way to eat SPAM, be sure to share in the comments?

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  • Lauryn R

    I haven’t had Spam in years! I didn’t realize that there was so many ways to eat it, thank you so much for sharing! I remember I always loved it fried, it really is good!

  • Darcy Koch

    So many recipes I never thought are possible using Spam. Unfortunately, I never cared for it. We had to eat it as kids, but it was a struggle.

  • Sarah L

    I remember eating it while growing up. I’ve never had it as an adult. I think I’m in the ‘not for me’ group.

  • ellen beck

    I LOVE Spam, hubby dislikes it. I ate it as a kid, I will buy a can now and again or now there are single serving pouches (they are a huge serving BTW) and have that! I like Spam and eggs, sandwiches, a grilled Spam sandwich rocks! I even got hubby to go to the Spam museum in Austin MN. Itwas a hoot. You know most people think Spam is low quality meats- it is not! It comes from the shoulder and is not a hodge podge at all. The museum was interesting, you really learn the history, and it played a huge part in feeding troops.

    Yes, I love this stuff 🙂

  • gloria patterson

    I know that in HI they love and eat a lot of SPAM, my mother loves and eats all the time. But it is not for me don’t know if I have ever tried it but just not something I want.

  • Doreen

    I’ve never tried it! I watched an episode of OITNB yesterday and they made a spam sandwich! They didn’t care for it. lol Maybe one day I will try it since there are many ways to eat it.

  • elizabeth miller

    We love to fry spam and eat it on sandwhiches for a different lunch. I smother mine with slices of cheese also.

  • Debbie Welchert

    I really like Spam and I only made sandwiches with it. But now I have some great ideas to make with it. I can’t wait to try it with fried potatoes or maybe some scrambled eggs. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  • Cheryl

    I love Spam. It’s so versatile. Thanks for all these ideas!

  • Deborah D

    I have never eaten spam. My brother and his family love it. Now I see why. I have to try these recipes.

  • Denise Low

    I am going to try the eggs and spam together. This one sounds delicious.

  • Alice F.

    When I was grown up, we ate SPAM like crazy!My Mother used to slice it and then pan fry it and a few minutes before done coat in steak sauce. We loved it.
    Years later, as a new bride, I moved to Minneapolis. Imagine my shock when my husband took me to the SPAM museum!

  • I love SPAM and all your ideas sound delicious!

  • John Smith

    Spam is certainly unique, and can be cooked with various other things!

  • barbg

    My favorite way is the grilled cheese sandwich you did mention. I fry my spam seperately and then add it to the grilled
    cheese sandwich. Makes the best sandwich ever!

  • Lesley F

    My father-in-law loves Spam. Did you know there is a Spam museum. We took our kids and it was really fun!

  • Katie Miller

    Honestly never thought of more than one way to eat spam. With pineapple sounds good.

  • Katie Miller

    Honestly never thought of more than one way to eat spam. With pineapple sounds good.

  • Beth Steese

    I haven’t had Spam in years. Thanks for all the great ideas/ways to try Spam again.

  • Deanna Marissa

    I love SPAM. These are all great ways to use it. Thank you for sharing.

  • Marisela Zuniga

    These are all great ideas! I’ll definitely be trying some of these recipes out

  • Tamra Phelps

    I have to admit it, lol. Sometimes, I crave good ol’ salty Spam. Their Chorizo Spam is really good.

  • Brandon Sparks

    Oh wow. I would of never thought there was so many ways to eat spam. I have never really liked spam but I might like it trying it some of these ways. I will give it a go. Thanks so much for this.

  • Anita L

    I never knew there were so many ways to serve Spam. Honestly, I remember having to eat this as a kid and never really cared for it. Maybe it deserves a second time around by using it another way. Thank you for all the suggestions of using Spam!

  • I remember eating this as a child these recipes look good

  • K. Finn

    I had to read your article, because I am hoping to get a job in Hawaii that I interviewed for. They love spam there, but maybe it’s an acquired taste there too. I tried Spam Musubi (spelling?) once, and it was okay. If I get the job, I will have to try Spam again and likely some of these ideas.

  • Michelle S

    I actually had Spam in sushi rolls once. It was really delicious.

  • gala

    Great ideas, useful during bad weather days or as an easy picnic food

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