Kwilt Shoebox Plus Photo & Video Storage ~ Review

Thank you to Kwilt for providing me with products to facilitate my blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.

If you enjoy taking photos and videos, then you need a Kwilt Shoebox Plus. Kwilt Shoebox Plus is your very own private cloud. It gives you complete control over your digital photo and video storage.

Kwilt Shoebox Plus is a small (deck of cards sized) device that allows you to easily offload your photos and videos from your mobile devices. Better than the mysterious cloud, Kwilt Shoebox Plus allows you to safely store your photos and videos right at home. No more worrying about who is viewing your photos and videos without your permission.

Offloading your photos and videos to the Kwilt Shoebox Plus is quick and easy. Follow the included step-by-step instructions or watch an instructional video available on the Kwilt website. Once your photos and videos have been offloaded to your Kwilt Shoebox Plus, you may access them from anywhere using your phone, tablet and/or PC.

In addition to storing your photos and videos, Kwilt Shoebox Plus also makes it easy to share them with others. Using your mobile, tablet and/or PC, you may share your photos and videos through email, text or a “Shared Link.” Have a large group who want to see your photos and videos? No problem! Connect your Kwilt Shoebox Plus to your tv and have an old-fashioned slideshow party.

With Kwilt Shoebox Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing your photos and videos are safe.

Kwilt Shoebox Plus works well with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

Buy It: Please visit the Kwilt website to see the great selection of products they offer and convenient shopping locations.

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  • Tamra Gibson

    This would be such a neat thing for a gift or to keep. I have 5 grandkids and we have a small house so it’s hard to display all the pictures I would like to

  • Tamra Gibson

    This would be such a neat thing for a gift or to keep. I have 5 grandkids and we have a small house so it’s hard to display all the pictures I would like to

  • Missy

    This is a great idea. I have so many photos, I am often nervous that they will accidentally be deleted by the current storage I have. This would fix that problem.

  • Michelle S

    I was just thinking about this today. A friend at work had her house burned by a fire last night – total loss. They got out with just the pajamas they were sleeping in. I need to figure out a way not to lose all the photos I have.

  • D.B.

    This would be so useful! I’m always running low on storage space on my phone. I really like that you can connect it to your tv for a slideshow too. Sounds fun!

  • gala

    What a great idea. I have so many photos,which needs to be store safely

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