The Saatva Company Zenhaven All-Natural Latex Mattress ~ Review

Thank you to Saatva for providing me with products to facilitate my blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Last year, my husband and I received a new mattress from the Saatva Company. We received their Zenhaven natural latex mattress. This mattress has greatly improved our quality of sleep. It is fantastic!

A few months ago I decided that it was time to replace our 9 and soon-to-be 12-year-old daughters’ mattresses. They have had their mattresses since they were a year old, so it was time for them to be replaced. Without giving it a second thought, I knew I wanted to get the girls Zenhaven mattresses from the Saatva Company.

I wanted to get the girls Zenhaven mattresses because of how much we love ours but, also because I respect the way the Saatva Company produces their mattresses. They go above and beyond to make sure their products are good for their customers as well as the environment.

The Saatva Company is very serious about leaving a small carbon footprint and being eco-responsible with not only the products that they use but also the water-based manufacturing process that these products go thru. Because of their commitment, they use only natural products such as 100% organic New Zealand wool and organic cotton in addition to the natural latex that I mentioned earlier.

Something I learned when researching the manufacturing process that is used to produce the Zenhaven mattress is that most mattress companies use a process called Dunlop whereas The Saatva Company uses the Talalay process. The Talalay process makes the product more breathable and it doesn’t involve the use of chemical fillers like the Dunlop process.

Zenhaven washes their mattress cores FIVE times to ensure that there are no impurities or allergens. After thoroughly drying, it is then tested in 9 places to make certain the firmness is consistent AND to check for any possible flaws. After the mattress cores pass all of these requirements, they are ready to be assembled which is when the 100% organic New Zealand Wool and organic cotton are used to wrap the core.

This wool and cotton wrap is a flame-retardant barrier without any toxic chemicals. It’s also breathable and wicks moisture so you stay drier and cooler while you’re sleeping.

When you purchase a mattress from The Saatva Company, it comes with delivery and setup. We were in the middle of painting and reorganizing the girls’ bedrooms so we were not able to take advantage of this service. As you can see in the photos, it was an exciting night when we were finally able to move the mattresses upstairs and set them up.

The girls have had their mattresses for about a month now. I notice both girls getting better sleep with their Zenhaven mattresses.

The Saatva Company gives you a 120 day home trial. I will come back in a couple months to update you.

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Hello, my name is Laurie. I have been married to my husband for 13 years. We have two young daughters, ages 9 and 12 years old. My family and I live in Oregon so that means we are just minutes from the beach, mountains, and desert.  We love it here and try to spend as much time outdoors playing as we can. When we aren’t outside playing, I enjoy reading, baking, refinishing furniture, and other crafts.

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  • Lana simanovicki

    These sound fantastic and comfy we all need new mattresses.i gotta check this out

  • Anita L

    I love that this company is eco friendly and that they go above and beyond in testing their mattress’s. I like the idea that the mattress is more breathable, which would prevent sweating and allow for a better rest.

  • Janet W.

    That’s great that you’ve seen an improvement in their sleep patterns! Sounds like a nice mattress!

  • Helga

    I like how its delivered to your door. And that’s a long time to try it out!

  • susan hartman

    Thank you for this information. We need a new mattress . Theres a mountain in the middle of my husband & I. We are planning a move so we are waiting & planning on chucking ours. With all of the new options these days it can get confusing.

  • Barrie

    When hubby and I looked at mattresses, we highly considered this company. But I did not trust a company that sends their mattresses rolled up to be firm and good for my back. We purchased a mattress locally, but I regret not trying a Saatva mattress! Now I’m stuck with the one I have!

  • gloria patterson

    This statement really caught my eye — Zenhaven washes their mattress cores FIVE times to ensure that there are no impurities or allergens.

    I have a family member that has problems with ever mattress she buys, this would be perfect for her. Going to share this with he

  • Lauryn R

    I have never heard of this company before but this sounds like a fantastic mattress! I love all of the processes that it goes through. Both my daughter and son need new mattresses so I am definitely going to check these out now. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amy Bo

    Thanks for the review! I love the company commitment to environmental products and manufacturing while still making an awesome product.

  • Michelle S

    I hadn’t heard of this mattress company before but it sounds amazing. I’m always looking for ways to get better sleep.

  • Brandon Sparks

    I need to get my daughter a new mattress and this one sounds like it would be the perfect one for her. Thanks for posting this. I would have never known about this otherwise.

  • Dandi D

    My children really need new mattresses so I’d love to try these!

  • Alice F

    It is wonderful the children are sleeping better at night. Thank you for this post, as I now know about Saatva.

  • Sara Tarver

    Wow this sounds like a really great mattress! I definitely need to buy a new one soon

  • Tamra Gibson

    Between my Hot flashes and my husband high blood pressure we definitely need a mattress that’s breathable more than the average. I love that you liked your mattress so well you wanted the same for your child. That says a lot about this company not add they are eco friendly which is big plus

  • Peggy Nunn

    My son has these for his girls. They are very pleased with them. They have held up well.

  • Julie Waldron

    We are looking for a new mattress, we are moving and our current mattress is 26 years old. It’s definitely time for a new one! This looks like a great one, thanks for the review.

  • ellen beck

    They must be very confident with a trial so long! I like how it is tested an retested. I also appreciate it is all natural. Leaving a small carbon foot print is important.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I really like that this mattress manufacturer does all it can to rid their mattresses of allergens. As someone with allergies, that matters to me.

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