The Baby Sleep Game Changer: The Sleeping Baby Zipadee-Zip {Review}

By Asha

March 2nd, 2019

Thank you to Sleeping Baby for sending a Zipadee-Zip for review in exchange for my honest opinion. 

I talk about sleep on the blog a lot. It’s so important that my family and I all get a good night’s sleep. As I’ve discussed before, my daughter isn’t a great sleeper. She’s three now and doing much better than she ever has, but there are still many nights that she wakes up in the night at least once. A goal I had for our son was to be a better sleeper than his sister. In the beginning there were nights when I was up with him much of the night (he seemed to like sleeping during the day better than at night at first) that I was thinking “Oh my gosh, what did we do?! Why did we think two kids was a good idea?!” Because I was just so exhausted. In an effort to help my son sleep, I searched online and talked to lots of other parents about what they did to help their kids sleep. 

I have tried many different products to help my little guy sleep in the short four months he’s been alive, and I tried many, many more with his sister. For the last few weeks we have been using the Sleeping Baby Zipadee-Zip, and he has been sleeping the best he has ever slept! He is now sleeping through the night (8-9 hours in a row) about half the time, the other half the time he is waking up only once to eat around 2am and then going back to sleep until morning. Since I have been back to work for the last two months, the fact that he is sleeping more is heavenly.

So, what is this Zipadee-Zip you ask? It is a star-shaped wearable blanket/transitional swaddle. Its star-fish design is patent pending and encourages babies to sleep more soundly because of the the slight resistance the wing-span provides. It allows baby to move around freely but still provides the enclosed, cozy sensation babies love from a swaddle and in the womb. The Zipadee-Zip provides babies the freedom to roll, push up, and use their arms and hands safely. It is designed to aid the swaddle transition but has many other wonderful uses as well! It keeps baby’s hands and feet warm all night long. Our house gets cool at night and I am happy to know that my little guy will be nice and warm but not overheat in his Zipadee-Zip. If you live in a warm climate you could easily just have your baby wear the Zipadee-Zip to bed and no jammies. I put jammies under my little guy’s Zippy to make sure he stays toasty. I read that they are great for babies with eczema too because the can’t scratch their face! Genius! Babies can be safely buckled into a stroller, baby carrier or car seat wearing the Zipadee-Zip which is super nice!

The Sleeping Baby Zipadee-Zip is made of 55% cotton, 45% modacrylic. It is made for babies 3 months to 3 years old and is available in five sizes. My 16 pound, 24 inch long little boy is wearing a size small. The Zipadee-Zip is intended for sleeping only and should not be worn for running or walking. The only bummer I have found is that the fabric is starting to pill by his hands. I have washed it exactly according to the directions but still find it to be pilling. It could be because my son likes to self sooth and will bring his hands to his mouth if he looses his pacifier so maybe that’s why? It definitely wouldn’t deter me from purchasing or encouraging others to purchase, but it is something I wanted to share with you all so you were aware.

In the evenings now when it’s time for bed I put my little guy’s “Zippy” on and give him his pacifier and he falls right asleep. We generally put him in his crib awake but sleepy so he can learn to fall asleep on his own and he’s been doing great. The other night I had put his Zippy on a little early and wasn’t going to put him to bed quite yet so I laid him under his activity gym and when I went back to check on him only about two minutes later he was already sleeping. He really loves it. And how cute is that Friendly Fox design? There are tons of other adorable designs for both boys, girls and gender neutral available as well.

A Zipadee-Zip would make an awesome baby shower gift!

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Hi, my name is Asha. I am 30 years old and am a nurse by profession. My husband and I have been married for over five years and together we have a sweet three-year-old daughter, an infant son, and a lovable bunny named Caramel. I enjoy spending time with family, taking photographs, scrapbooking, hunting, fishing, cooking and gardening.

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  • Lauryn R

    I love these sleepsacks! They are designed so well to keep baby warm but still comfortable. They also have so many cute designs and colors to choose from! Also, your son is so adorable! You’re definitely giving me baby fever! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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