By Amber

May 23rd, 2019
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Thanks to Y’OUR for sending me a personalized skincare kit. As always, all opinions are my own.

I turned 31 at the tail end of last year, and finally decided that it’s time to be an adult and start a real skincare regimen. Up until now I’ve just washed my face in the shower and haven’t used much for other products on it. This winter, I did notice that my skin was more dry than usual and I thought it may be time to add a moisturizer. When I heard about Y’OUR Personalized Skin Care, I immediately liked the idea of products curated specifically for my type of skin and skin concerns.

Y’OUR Personalized Skincare

When you visit the Y’OUR website, there’s a quiz to take which will give the Y’OUR team an idea of how to formulate your personalized skincare routine. You can let them know about the following to help them get started:

  • Skin goals
  • Your skin type (dry, oily, combination)
  • How your skin is affected by the sun
  • Whether typical skincare products irritate your skin
  • Your skin care concerns (acne, wrinkles, fine lines, clogged pores, redness, dark spots, etc)
  • Details about acne
  • Current prescription skincare you’re using
  • How natural you prefer your products (vegan, fragrance, etc.)
  • The environment where you live
  • Stress factors

Once you complete the quiz, the Y’OUR team can get started on your personalized skincare regimen. I’ve been using my regimen for about two weeks now, and while I haven’t seen drastic changes in my skin, I do feel like my skin has been clearer in general. The products seem very gentle and haven’t caused me any irritation. My regimen includes a cleanser, day cream, serum, and night cream. I use the cleanser and day cream in the morning, and in the evening I use the cleanser, serum, and night cream. I appreciate that the cleanser is safer and more effective than physical exfoliating cleansers. It the ability to penetrate the skin for deeper exfoliation while does not involve actually rubbing the skin.

Y’OUR Skincare Products contain clean ingredients and don’t have any fillers, parabens, or toxins. They’re never tested on animals and are cruelty-free. The products are $180 for a three month supply, and you can pay all at once or $65/month over the three months. Y’OUR offers a satisfaction guarantee as well, so if you’re not happy with your skincare regimen, they will reformulate it up to twice for you during your first three months, so they really make sure to get it right. The products also evolve with you and your current skincare needs, and Y’OUR will send you an evaluation form to make adjustments if necessary before sending out your next shipment.

While I don’t personally suffer from debilitating acne, I know it’s a skincare issue for many people, and Y’OUR offers skincare tips on how to rid your skin of whiteheads for good!

Head over to the Y’OUR website and take the personalized skincare quiz to see how Y’OUR can improve your skin! If you use my link, you’ll receive a special discount!





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  • Peggy Nunn

    I think this will make a great gift for my sister. She has been wanting something different. This should be just right.

  • Sarah L

    I agree with Peggy that this would be a great gift for my sister (not hers). I like how detailed the questions are.

  • gloria patterson

    This sounds like something special! You go to walmart and you buy this product, maybe its not for you how would you know just looking at the product. I think this might be good thing to check out.

  • Alice F

    I am not familiar with this particular brand. However, the quality of the products seems to be outstanding.

  • Jordan

    I want to flat out say that this company has the rudest, most horrible customer service I have ever worked with, especially when dealing with “higher-end” products. I emailed them to let them know my disappointment in the quality of the containers (cheap plastic feel, the box it came in is honestly nicer than what the product comes in) quantity of the products for the price, and I was also disappointed in the day cream (only lists ingredients of your basic sunscreen on the bottle with no indication that there is a moisturizer mixed in — I was later told there IS a moisturizer and not JUST a sunscreen after stating I could find a product with the same exact ingredients at the drugstore for 1/2 the price or less). They replied with “Why do you think you can get something better somewhere else?” …What?!🤦🏻‍♀️ I asked them multiple times over the spread of many emails back and forth to PLEASE cancel any upcoming auto replenishments and they IGNORED it entirely until my FOURTH request. As of now it still hasn’t been officially cancelled.

    Firstly, do not be mistaken thinking that you are paying $65/month for 3 months and 3 shipments of products. You are paying $180-$195 for ONE shipment of products over the course of 3 months. Secondly, they do not accept returns under any circumstance. Brace yourself if you have to deal with customer service.

    This is only my personal experience, so it may be a completely different ballpark for someone else. Id also like to say that the actual product on the skin has been good, but I would NEVER go through this nightmare again.

    • Louise

      Jordan, I am SO glad to know I’m not the only one who had this experience. When I was using the product it made my skin burn so bad that it hurt for me to to touch it. I also broke out much more. I thought, “oh I’ll just cancel and use something else.” I got the Aveeno clear complexion moisturizer from a grocery store because I needed something to soothe my skin right away. It worked and my breakout lessened. I tried to contact Y’OUR multiple times about my situation so I could cancel and was ignored. Finally, I got ahold of them via facebook messenger where they had someone email me. They wouldn’t just let me cancel my order. They went back and forth telling me I wouldn’t be able to find a better product, I could just tweak my regimen, etc. This was annoying because I did find a better product and I wanted to be done with them. The thing about the prices was also awful as they did not make it clear when I was ordering that the 3 monthly payments were for only 1 shipment. For the price I paid the bottles were tiny and it didn’t work. I could’ve gotten over the bad skincare but the customer service was disgusting.

  • Emily

    Love the products, hate the lack of service. When I was able to reach my skin consultant, she was incredibly helpful. However, it took TWO DAYS to get a hold of my skin consultant when I requested a formula change. They said that they are under staffed, but that is no excuse for bad customer service.

  • Claudia S

    I tried this line of products last year and they worked so well for me! I suffered from cystic acne since high school but it took me only 2 months using this line to fully get rid of them. What a great review though! I’m planning to send my sister a kit for this Christmas!

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