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This is a sponsored post with BroBasket. I have experienced BroBasket gift sets first hand in the past. All opinions are my own.

BroBasket classic gin and tonic

When I think about gift baskets, I tend to think about women first. I love getting bath or beauty themed gift baskets myself. You just don’t usually see as many gift baskets for men in general. I love that BroBasket caters to gift baskets for men. Most BroBaskets feature alcohol gift sets, though they have some alcohol-free BroBaskets (boozeless, as they say on their website) as well. While I’m sure there are women who would enjoy these baskets as well (I’mwould be thrilled to get the Junk Foodie Care Package, myself!) I love that this site is geared at men, because men deserve gift baskets that they’ll truly enjoy!

In the past we’ve been sent a few BroBaskets that I gifted to my boyfriend and we’ve always had good experiences. Check out my reviews below:

BroBasket Gin & Tonic Gift Basket review

BroBasket Kentucky Mule gift basket for guys review

BroBasket rum & coke gift basket review

We most prefer the baskets that focus on a specific type of drink. It’s a great way to customize the basket to their preferences or to give them a new experience. If you know their favorite drink is rum and coke, then gifting them the rum and coke gift basket will let them know you put extra thought into selecting the basket they are sure to love. Or you can choose a basket for a drink they haven’t tried before, which is what I did with the Kentucky Mule basket I got Ryan one year. It made for a fun way to experiment with a new drink he had never had before.

BroBasket as a whole Father’s Day gift baskets category of gift baskets that they would recommend as gifts. There are a few sets that include samplers which would be a great gift for a man who is still looking to find the type of alcohol that he likes best, or one who just likes to explore all the options.

We’ve found the baskets and accessories to be pretty nice quality. We’ve kept the baskets themselves and have used them to store craft supplies, for example. We’ve also kept the drinking glass and mule mug and they have held up great.

If you want to fully customize a gift basket, that is an option at BroBasket as well. Include his favorite spirits, favorite snacks and add in the accessories that you know he would like. How cool is that?

As someone who lacks a decorative eye, I like how they carefully package the baskets so that they arrive in a really similar display as what you see on the website. Glass items will have bubblewrap protecting them, but everything arrives already set up in the basket for the most part. It’s not one of those gift basket companies that send you everything laying down in a box where you have to try to arrange the display yourself after it arrives.

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  • Lauryn R

    This is such a great idea! There have always been gift baskets for women, but usually we have to personally make ones for men. I love that they have different themes to choose from (not all men drink!)! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  • Dana Rodriguez

    They have some great baskets. Personally I want the Hooray Jose Margarita Gift Basket for myself LOL!

  • gloria patterson

    This IS a gift basket that dad would love! I know several men that would be very happy with this

  • Alice F

    I love the idea of baskets for gifts. They can be personalized and catered to the gifted. Even though these are for Dad, I would love to have it for myself!

  • Peggy Nunn

    This is a great idea for a gift for any time that you don’t know what to get. any guy (or girl) would love to get one of theses.

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