May nadine west outfits
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I was sent a clothing bag from Nadine West for review. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

Ryan was talking to me about how he needs new summer clothing recently. I realized I don’t need to do much shopping myself, and it’s because I conveniently get clothing sent to me from Nadine West instead. It’s so nice to be able to try out clothing without having to browse tons of stores. They send you items each month and you send back anything you don’t want, and you’ll only be charged for what you choose to keep.

My may shipment had 11 items!

I often find bracelets to be a big big on me, and this one was snug so I think it’s on the small side. It works though, and I think it’s cute! It has an elastic band that holds it together so it stays in place which I like. I think it could be dressed up or down. It is $14.99 to keep.

Nadine west bodycon dress

Bodycon style dresses are never really my style. I can’t feel comfortable in dresses that show every little detail. This one has a unique neckline that sort of makes the collar of the dress into a choker style necklace and makes bra straps show in front instead of in back. So, it would certainly require a strapless bra or something. I like the color, I just am not a fan of clothing that is quite this snugly styled. Maybe it is sized a bit small? It may look better a size up on me, I’m not sure. It is $27.99 to keep.

Nadine west jewelry

The necklace sent this month has a really long chain that I’m not sure is my style. I like the pendent a lot though, so I could easily swap it to a new chain. The center piece is a gorgeous mixture of colors and it compliments the gold-toned border really well I think. It is $29.99 to keep.

Nadine west outfit service 2019

The top and bottoms here are both from Nadine West.

I’m not usually one to wear yellow or orange, but for some reason I just love this top! It’s mesh, so I put on a camisole underneath but it’s extremely breathable so wearing this over a camisole is basically like wearing just the camisole. I like how it can keep me comfortable in the heat while being a bit more modest. I’m a bit unhappy with my body right now, yet this top makes me feel comfortable. I wouldn’t normally even go near a clothing rack with yellow or orange tops on it, so I love that Nadine West encourages me to try on items I wouldn’t have picked out myself. Sometimes once something is on, you love it. This top is a big ‘win’ for me this month. It is $28.99 to keep.

The bottoms are a denim-like look despite being cotton. They are very comfortable with an elastic waist and they have real pockets, but they just aren’t quite my style. They are $23.49 to keep.

Nadine west outfits

The top and bottoms are both from Nadine West.

The top is showing up a bit pinker than it really is. In real life it’s more orange than pink. I like lace-up tops and I like lace, so I thought this top would be a keeper until I tried it on. It’s just rather shapeless which is a bummer for me. It is $25.99 to keep.

The bottoms are bright blue linen shorts. I don’t really wear shorts unless they are jean material or chinos, so these aren’t for me. They are much shorter (slightly above mid-thigh length) on the model photo so perhaps the fit is why they seem a bit frumpy on me. I am only 5’1″. They are $18.99 to keep.

Nadine west outfit #3

The top and bottoms are both from Nadine West.

I haven’t ventured into the world of high-wasted jeans/bottoms yet. So these were definitely unique for me to try on. The material is very thin and has no noticeable stretch in the material. They almost feel like they were made out of a flat sheet or something. They also seem to be really prone to wrinkling. They aren’t my style, but I have to admit, they are a bit more flattering than I originally expected. They seem to hide my belly a little bit due to sitting higher. They are $20.99 to keep.

The top is a crop length so I thought they paired well with the high waisted pants. I like the top but I’m not sure if I will find use for it because I don’t wear high waisted bottoms and I don’t want to leave my midrift showing. I was also surprised that this is $22.49 to keep, that seems a bit steep for a camisole crop top to me.

Nadine west pink top

This top is made out of a really soft material that is almost fuzzy, yet isn’t the type of fuzzy that would feel sticky when it’s hot out. I just love the material, and I love the muted pink as well. I have avoided bell sleeves and dshirts with excess material on the arms for a long time. I tried bell sleeves a long time ago and found them to be really distracting when moving around. This top doesn’t distract me becuase the material is in the armpit and upper arm area. It doesn’t restrict movement or get in the way at all. I think the shoulder cut outs are cute. I just like this top all around, it’s a keeper for me. It is $30.49.

Nadine west top

Last but not least, this blue floral top. I don’t wear many blue shirts, and I don’t care for how this is ‘boxy’ in the natural waist area. Being on the shorter side, I feel like shirts that don’t come in a little at the waist tend to make me look a bit square/shapeless. The back of this top is a bit shorter than the front, so about an inch of my lower back showed when I paired it with these shorts. I think this top would be cute on someone else, it’s just not me. It is $16.49 to keep.

Overall this was a really good shipment for me. I really love the yellow/orange top and I really like the pink top. Two new favorites in one month!

Remember you can head to to take the style quiz and have items sent to you based on your clothing preferences! You’ll only be charged for what you decide to keep.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think of the items I was sent this month. What would you recommend keeping?

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  • Michelle S

    I completely love the pink flowered top and the blue flowered one! They are great colors and styles.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I always enjoy checking out your boxes. You got some cute things this month. I am not a bright color person either but I do really like the yellow floral top.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I really like the yellow top too. It looks good on you. I like the last blue top also. I like the way the middle is and think it looks good on you…. but that is my taste.

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