Pet Magasin Collapsible Pet Carrier & Pet Beds
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I received product from Pet Magasin to facilitate this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Do you have any pets?  If so, you probably already know how important they are to the family.  They really do quickly become a family member.  For example, I’m not a cat person.  I haven’t liked cats since I was a child.  However, these days, you’ll find that we have a house cat.  And he’s a very spoiled house cat that not only do the kids love, but I do too.  Along with Rosie (yes, a boy cat named Rosie……..), we also have a Yorkie house dog named Angel.  These two pets are truly one of the gang and our family loves them dearly.

Summer Travel With Pets

So now that summer has hit, there are times when we’re gone for a day or more at a time.  Sometimes, that means that we have to take our pets with us.  Mostly, just Angel the Yorkie as Rosie can be home for 24 hours and he’s fine as long as we make sure he has enough food, water, and a clean litter box.  However, traveling with pets can get tricky if you don’t have the right equipment.

Pet Magasin Collapsible Pet Carrier & Pet Beds

Pet Magasin Collapsible Pet Carrier & Pet Beds

Having a portable pet carrier is key to successful vehicle travel and Pet Magasin has a great option for your smaller pets.  Their collapsible hard cover pet carrier folds almost completely flat for storage and takes just a minute to put together.

The top and bottom panels each zip together to the middle section, creating a solid structure.  And the front features a zippered door for easy in and out.  I also love that there is a soft bed cushion included that fits the shape of this carrier perfectly.  The sides are also very open and airy to allow for fresh air flow and breathability.

Pet Magasin Collapsible Pet Carrier & Pet Beds

I also grabbed a set of Pet Magasin’s self-heated pet bed mats for additional comfort.  This set comes with two different sizes, a small and large.  I slide the small into the pet carrier for travel and it fits pretty well.  I also use these two mats around the house as we’ve found both the cat and dog to enjoy laying on them.

Pet Magasin Collapsible Pet Carrier & Pet Beds

Final Thoughts

I really like the design of these products.  Having a hard structure pet carrier that isn’t the typical bulky plastic is really nice.  It just feels so much cozier too.  Both the carrier as well as pet bed mats are a nice neutral color, which is perfect as it blends in with our home.  Overall, Pet Magasin’s products seem to be a really nice high quality and should last for a long time.

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  • Sarah L

    That’s a great looking carrier. I like how it comes apart and then zips back together.

  • katie

    It looks like a more comfortable carrier rather than if it was just all plastic. Would love to use for my pet when we have to go to pet since he gets so anxious.

  • gloria patterson

    This carrier is WONDERFUL. I like that is compact and soft I think a small dog or cat would be very comfortable in it. And a self heating pad is great

  • Alice F

    This carrier looks sturdy. I like that it is collapsible and doesn’t take up space when stored.

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