By Asha

July 9th, 2019
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Thank you to TOMY for sending a Doodle Bear for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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I was a child of the 90’s. I vividly remember my Doodle Bear. I loved coloring on him and then washing him and decorating him again. When I got the chance to partner with TOMY Toys to review a new The Original Doodle Bear with my three-year-old daughter, I was excited for the opportunity!

My daughter loves critters and ‘stuffies’. She was over the moon when she pulled Doodle Bear out of the box. She thought it was pretty cool that mommy had a bear just like this when she was little and she also loved that she can decorate Doodle Bear with the included markers!

She named her Doodle Bear “Rainbow Flower Hula Loop”. Don’t you just love three-year-olds?! She has decorated her bear twice and it has been through the wash twice. Just like my Doodle Bear years ago, this bear washes up wonderfully. Just doodle, wash & doodle again! Doodle Bears are both washer and dryer safe.

The Original Doodle Bear is definitely the favorite toy in the house right now. It has gone with us on many car rides and to both grandparents’ houses already. My mom knew it was a Doodle Bear as soon as she saw it and she remembered the Doodle Bear I had when I was little. What a fun memory to share through the generations!

My daughter received the “Fashion” design, there is also a “Chef” Doodle Bear. They are 14 inches tall. She’s perfect to snuggle. Doodle Bear even goes to bed with our daughter!

You can also chose to animate your Doodle Bear after you finish your creation. Using the free companion app Doodle Bear Studio, you can snap a picture of your creation, customize your Doodle Bear’s background and even record a message then you can save it to your camera roll and share with friends.

The Original Doodle Bear would make a great birthday or holiday gift this year!

Buy It:  The Original Doodle Bear on Amazon.

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  • Dandi D

    This would be the perfect gift for my daughter’s birthday.

  • Lauryn R

    I definitely remember Doodle Bear!! They were so popular when I was a little kid, we all had one. I love that they have brought them back, I know that all three of my kids would love one. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Lynne B

    I think I remember giving one of these to my son at the end of 5th grade. I loved something like this when I was in grade school. I think it was a dog.

  • ellen beck

    I remember these bears! Good to see it is back again. Looks like she loves drawing on it, but also cuddling. A good all around toy.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    This is just so cute and so is your little girl. Doodle Bear would make a great gift!

  • alice f

    Your daughter is so cute! I remember having something similar when I was a child. Amazing how a stuffed animal can help to provide security to a little one.

  • Sandy Klocinski

    This would make a perfect gift for any child. Doodle Bear used to be quite popular. I think my daughter had one

  • gloria patterson

    I want to say I remember this but not real sure…………….. but I know my great niece would love this

  • Mia E.

    I am glad the Doodle Bear is back. I remember my nieces having so much fun with theirs. I know my grandkids would love to have one.

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