Nadine west clothing review 2020
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I was sent a clothing subscription bag from Nadine West for review. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

Nadine West is a clothing subscription service that will send you a pretty pink package every month or 2 weeks depending on which you choose. When you sign up you tell them your size, a bit about your style preferences, what colors you do ad don’t like to wear and more. Then they will select clothing and accessories based on what they know about your style. It’s cool because it’s not entirely random clothing items, but it’s still a surprise. Plus, you don’t have to buy everything you’re sent. In fact, they sed you a prepaid mailing label with each shipment so you can mail back anything you don’t wish to keep. You’ll only be charged for the items you do keep. I’ve found that sometimes Nadine West sends me items I love, sometimes they send me items I would never, ever wear – and sometimes they send me items that I wouldn’t try on if I saw it in a store…but that I love once it’s on me. My favorite is actually that last category – when they send me items that help me to step outside of my comfort zone. I also love Nadine West because they are far more affordable than most fashion subscription services. No $80 items here! They send a list of prices to you also so you can consider the price when deciding what to keep. This shipment included 10 items. I’ve gotten packages with as few as 5 items and as many as 15.

Nadine West Blue Cotton Dress

First is this light blue top. Yes, it is listed as a top. I thought it was a dress when I tried it on because it is just a couple inches above my knee. Oops! #ShortGirlProblems I guess! I suppose I could wear it as a dress or as a tunic style top. It’s lightweight and comfortable and has pockets! I prefer dresses (or tops) that come in under the bust or at the waist to give a bit more shape to it. It’s cute though not quite my style. It is just $13.49 to keep.

Nadine West bracelets review

This bracelet has a pearl type look to it, with little pendants that are sea-themed such as a mermaid and seashell and starfish. Pearls and sea-related imagery isn’t really my style so it was a pass for me. It is $11.99 to keep.


Nadine West Bracelet
It’s a little rare for me to get two bracelets in the same bag, but this time I did! I like how this bracelet fits, how it’s simple yet pretty. I really need to get better at wearing jewelry more casually. I tend to only remember to wear jewelry on holidays or special occasions. I don’t think I would get much wear out of this bracelet but it’s a bummer because I do like it. It is $10.99 to keep.

Nadine West Dress and Cardigan outfit

Both items here came from this Nadine West Suscription.

This brown dress is quite similar to the blue “top” above, it’s just a different color and a bit longer. It’s a lot like a shirt that has just been styled longer to make it a dress. It has pockets, what girl doesn’t love a dress with pockets? It’s quite a simple dress but at $11.99 it’s priced right!

The cardigan is really soft and has slits from the side and the back so you can easily move around without having the cardigan get caught or having to pull it out from under your backside. Red is one of my favorite colors to wear. I typically prefer cardigans that are shirt-length but with red being a top favorite color of mine I thought I’d get enough wear out of this. It’s a keeper for me. It is $41.99, making it the most expensive item I’ve ever been sent in a Nadine West shipment.

Nadine West athletic dress

Yet another dress with pockets! I hear women talking about wanting pockets on their dresses all the time so I love that Nadine West seems to be aware that dresses with pockets are highly sought after. This dress is different than any I’ve received from Nadine West before in that it has an athletic style to it. The shoulders have a mesh type of panel that makes it look like workout wear to me. I think it’s cute and yet it doesn’t quite feel like me. It is $35.99 to keep.

Nadine west jewelry

I love these simple earrings. A simple shape, gold-toned, with a hammered texture. Simple yet classy and able to be styled with most any outfit. This is exactly the type of jewelry I love! They are $15.99 to keep.

Nadine West outfits

Both items here were sent by Nadine West.

I’ve decided to try upping my “bottoms” size to a medium. In many brands I can still wear a small but I keep getting really tight size smalls’ from Nadine West so we’ll see if medium works out better. These bottoms I probably would have kept if they fit well but they were just too tight. They are $14.49 to keep.

This top is incredibly bright in color! It’s not editing, this shirt is REALLY bold. It’s not neon yellow it’s just a bright yellow and it certainly makes a statement. I love how unique it is, but it’s too attention-grabbing for me. It is $14.49 to keep.

Nadine west pants

These pants remind me of the 90’s! I’ve seen other aspects of 90’s style coming back but hadn’t seen these around yet. They are a “windbreaker” type of material and have a cargo pocket on the side. I’m not bold enough to wear these so I’ll pass but it was fun to be reminded of wearing pants like these as a kid. They are $22.99 to keep.

Remember you can head to Nadine West today and fill out a style profile to have items sent directly to your door. You can try them on right at home and send back whatever you don’t care to keep. It’s such a fun way to refresh your wardrobe!

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