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I received product from Etch A Sketch to facilitate this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

For 60 years now, children and adults alike have been experiencing the magical world of pencil-free drawing with the help of Etch A Sketch.  That’s right, 60 years!  Which means our parents and even grandparents had this awesome gadget growing up too.  It’s a classic, unplugged toy, that has entertained for generations.

Happy 60th Anniversary To Etch A Sketch!

Happy 60th Anniversary To Etch A Sketch!

Spin Master, a leading global children’s entertainment company, is shaking things up as its classic red-framed drawing toy, Etch A Sketch® marks its 60th anniversary in 2020!  To celebrate the original magic screen, the Etch a Sketch® brand teamed up with other iconic brands for a series of limited-edition collaborations. Launching this month are two of the collaborations – a special edition Etch A Sketch with heritage toy Rubik’s and one with comic book marvel Stan Lee.

The series of limited-edition collaborations honors 60 years of unplugged creativity with no charging, no batteries, and no Wi-Fi needed! When you’re finished with a drawing and ready to start another, shake to erase and start the fun all over again!

    • Discover a new modern classic! The limited-edition Rubik’s Cube-inspired Etch A Sketch celebrates not only the 60th anniversary of Etch A Sketch, but also the 40th anniversary of the mysterious 3D puzzle. It features a colorful Rubik’s Cube mosaic frame, cube knobs and the original magic screen to draw on.

  • Etch A Sketch® Stan Lee Edition
    • Become a superhero of creativity, just like the legendary Stan Lee! The limited-edition Stan Lee-inspired Etch A Sketch celebrates the legendary comic book author, featuring a colorful comic frame, Stan Lee knobs and the original magic screen to draw on. Draw some of the iconic characters Lee co-created, such as Spider-Man™, Iron Man™, X-Men™ and many more.

Limited quantities of both the Rubik’s and Stan Lee Etch A Sketch editions will be available on for $19.99 each.  The Stan Lee edition was released on May 12, while the Rubik’s edition will be released on May 18. They will also be available at retailers later this year on Etch A Sketch Day, which is July 12th, marking the official day the first Etch A Sketch toy was sold!

With Etch A Sketch art, the sky is the limit!  So tell me, what do you want to try to draw?

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  • Peggy Nunn

    I had so many Etch-a-Sketchs. I loved them. I am sure the girls will enjoy one too.

  • monique s

    I loved this as a kid. How fun to see it again.

  • Michelle S

    I can’t believe it’s 60 years old. I loved mine when I was little. I think I had a regular size and then later got a small one for travel.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    Wow! I had these as a little girl! Classic fun for sure!

  • ellen beck

    This was my very favorite toy growing up. I would spend hours and hours playing with an Etch A Sketch. I had one when they first came out- classic red and I took it everywhere!

  • monique s

    This looks like you can do so much with this nowadays. The art is amazing

  • Mia E.

    I played with etch a sketch and now my grandkids play with them. How exciting that they have a Rubik’s and Stan Lee edition.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I want to get the Etch A Sketch® Rubik’s Edition. I loved Etch A Sketch when I was younger.

  • Sandy Klocinski

    I had an etch-a-sketch when I was a kid. How awesome to see it again. I had the regular size one

  • Donna

    I love the Stan Lee Etch A Sketch! That would be a fun gift for any Marvel fan. It’s amazing that it’s been 60 years since Etch A Sketch was released!

  • Anne

    Ah, Etch-A-Sketch! That really takes me back… so many hours spent drawing, erasing, and drawing again. Of course, back in the day, the red frame was the only option, but I’m loving that Rubik’s design. Now I’m wondering how old is too old to get a new Etch-A-Sketch–LOL!

  • monique s

    I really like the rubiks cube addition. It is really colorful and fun

  • Peggy Nunn

    The girls are excited to get an Etch A Sketch to play with. It will be a good creative item for them.

  • Leela

    My kids love to play with them no matter what age.

  • Frances Carty

    I loved playing with my Etch A Sketch when I was a kid. I was not very good. I remember being frustrated quite a bit.Especially when my mean little sister would shake my Etch A Sketch wiping out the picture I had worked on for hours or days and was trying to save.

  • Deborah D

    I had no idea that etch a sketch was 60 and still going strong.

  • Stephan Grant

    Etch-A-Sketch turns 60! I had one when I was a boy and it was great to have in the car on a road trip. I still remember how cool it was to shake and see your drawings disappear like magic. Still a kid’s favorit today. Thanks for the memory.

  • Holly Thomas

    I loved my etch a sketch when I was a kid.

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