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Most of our family members live near enough that we can get together at least every couple of months for some sort of celebration. With the new lifestyle, we have all been forced into with COVID19, recently these family events have been held outdoors. Thankfully the weather has cooperated.

Our most recent outdoor party involved three generations of the family ranging in ages from 5 up to 65. What better activity than one that was “fair” for all ages and abilities, that allowed us to be outside enjoying the evening weather, reinforced the need to be approximately 6 feet from one another, and that involved some physical activity after that huge meal that we all enjoyed.

Bring out the Bottle Bash USA Game Set! and GET LIT “LED” Stars and Stripes Accessories. Bottle Bash got all of us involved. Since there were quite a few of us, we took turns playing on an assortment of teams (parents vs kids, male vs female, family vs family, etc.)

The idea of the game is to toss the Frisbee at the other team’s bottle in a way that knocks the bottle off the metal pole and doesn’t allow the other team members to catch either the Frisbee or the bottle. Oh my goodness! We had people laughing, falling on the ground in a last-ditch effort to catch the opposing team’s toss, jumping as high as our legs would allow in an attempt to pluck the Frisbee from the sky, screaming for joy as we knocked the other team’s bottle off their pole catching the bottle/Frisbee before it hit the ground to prevent the other team from scoring.

We would still be out there playing had the bats not come out and chased us away. What a great way to get all ages moving and laughing. It has been a long time since we have laughed so hard!

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