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Costoffs sent me an office chair for review. All opinions are my own.

Like a lot of people, Ryan started working from home last spring because of the pandemic. He wanted to make a little office space for himself so that he could more easily feel like he was in “work mode” during the hours that he was working. It can be tricky to balance regular home life with work life when working from home. He thought having a specific work space would help.

So, he bought an office desk and an office chair even though he works from a laptop so he could sit most anywhere. The desk proved to be a good purchase. The chair, not so much. It was designed to be able to tilt back a bit, and it quickly lost its support so that if you leaned back, the chair would totally fall backward, not offering any back support. 

So, when Costoffs offered us a new gaming chair or office chair for review, I was happy to accept. 

Costoffs Office Chair Review

The official name of this chair is Costoffs Artificial Leather Gaming Chair. While it’s called a gaming chair, our plans were to use it more as an office chair. Functionally, they’re quite similar anyway. 

Costoffs Office Chair Review

This chair has a curved back, moveable armrests, and an adjustable height. The padding on the back and bottom of this chair are thicker than the one we had ordered about a year ago. Quality wise, it seems about the same. This chair has a weight limit of 299lbs. I wouldn’t call this a high-quality chair, it feels like a budget chair, to be really honest. However, as a budget chair, it’s been functional for us so far. It is designed to allow you to rock back, and it seems to be a bit weak in back support as a result of that. It feels like it’s rocking farther back than it did on day 1 and we’ve only had it a couple of weeks. 

Costoffs gaming chair review

It was a bit difficult to put together, you have to hold the bottom and back of the chair at an angle, while placing a side piece that has 4 place for screws. These are aligned in such a way that it took us several tries to get it just right. Once we did, the rest of the assembly was pretty easy. Basically, you just have a handful of screws and the rest of the parts more or less snap together. It has caps so you can cover the screws, we just forgot to put them on. 

Ryan has found it comfortable enough to sit in for work. We just wish the back were a bit stronger so that it would be more supportive instead of rocking back when you try to lean back. It rolls around well, is a good height and width for us to find it comfortable. I can see this being a better chair for lighter use than what Ryan is looking for. Perhaps more as a chair that you’d use just for gaming, not for sitting in 8 hours a day for work. It is marketed as a gaming chair, after all. 

You can purchase this from the Costoffs site.


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  • Dana Rodriguez

    We need a new chair in the home office. I don’t think this would be the one though.

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    We have been looking at getting a desk and chair for our bedroom once we finish renovating. I was thinking of something like this, but definitely worried about the back support. I may just end up getting an old, sturdy wooden chair and that being sufficient. Sounds like this would be good for my kids when they play video games sometimes though!

  • Lauryn R

    A good computer chair can be really hard to find! This sounds like a great chair for a teenager or gamer, the weight limit is pretty impressive.

  • Leela

    It looks like a really nice chair. My kids have torn apart mine.

  • Peggy Nunn

    It looks like a good chair for work. I don’t lean back much so that won’t be a big problem. Thank you for the review.

  • Sarah L

    I need a new chair for my computer. I don’t want one with arms. I like how cushiony it is.

  • Mia E.

    Looks like it would be good for short periods of time. For longer periods I would definitely need something that had strong back support.

  • monique s

    This is a great review. I am not so great at putting stuff together so know if it is easy to do or not is great info. Also I like the chairs that don’t rock much as it makes me feel like I am tipping back

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