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By Amber

October 29th, 2021

Thanks to Wentworth Puzzles for sending me these beautiful products. As always, all opinions are my own.

Over the past year, our family has really started enjoying puzzles. While our four cats can make it somewhat difficult to work on large puzzles over long periods of time, we really enjoy smaller puzzles (up to 300 pieces) that we can complete together in one sitting. Recently I heard about Wentworth Puzzles, a UK company that creates gorgeous, sustainable puzzles for children and adults. We had the pleasure of receiving two of the puzzles from their 2021 Christmas collection and I’m excited to share them with you as I think they’d make wonderful gifts this holiday season.

wentworth puzzles

Wentworth Puzzles

Wentworth Puzzles creates sustainable wooden jigsaw puzzles predominantly for adults, and they also offer puzzles that are great for children and families. We’re always looking for things to do with our kids that don’t involve screens, and puzzles are something we all enjoy. Inside each Wentworth Puzzles box, you will find a premium quality wooden jigsaw puzzle, made in the heart of the British countryside since 1991.

wentworth puzzles

We received the Saint Nicholas Train, which is one of many Art Jigsaw Puzzle offerings from Wentworth Puzzles. Each puzzle has intricately hand-designed laser cut pieces. Our kids were so excited to see the ‘whimsy’ pieces in each box as well; these pieces have a distinct shape and make putting the puzzle together both more fun and more challenging!

wentworth puzzles

While the Saint Nicholas Train puzzle was a little hard for our young kids, the Nativity Play Puzzle was the perfect level of difficulty. I am so amazed by the intricacy of each individual wooden piece; it’s clear that these puzzles will hold up over time and become family heirlooms that we can put together every Christmas and eventually pass on to our children. Wentworth Puzzles offers a variety of children’s jigsaw puzzles for all ages and abilities; I am so excited to add more to our collection!

wentworth puzzles

Wentworth Puzzles aims for sustainability in their production and distribution which I think is so important. All of their puzzles are made using wood from forests that are sustainably managed, and the box is made from recycled materials. No unnecessary plastic is used in the packaging. Most importantly the puzzles are made to last!

wentworth puzzles

Our kids really enjoyed putting this puzzle together as a family. It was a great way for us to connect and remove us from the general “busyness” that we are typically experiencing. The wooden pieces in these jigsaw puzzles fit together seamlessly and they have bright, vibrant images. I’m excited to share these puzzles with friends and family; I know my parents and grandparents would love to receive something like this for Christmas! 



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