I was sent a subscription bag from Nadine West for review. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post.

Nadine West is an affordable women’s clothing subscription service. When you sign up, you share your clothing sizes and information about what types of clothing and accessories you like to wear. Then each month (or twice a month, if you choose) Nadine West will send you 4+ items in the mail that they hope you’ll like. 

These items are a surprise to you, and you’re able to try them on at home. They also send you a price list and a return mailing label. After trying everything on, you decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back. You won’t be charged for anything that you ship back. 

This month I was sent six items. Let’s get in to what they are! 

Nadine west shirt

The top shown here was sent this month. For this photo and all of my others, please excuse my ‘background’. My house is super tiny (under 400 square feet!) so we don’t really have any wall space that is clear to use as a backdrop. I usually photograph in front of our bedroom door, but I couldn’t close it today as we were catching up on laundry. We use a metal hose from our bedroom to our bathroom to get water to a portable washing machine…tiny house problems! Anyway…please excuse the background showing a dresser, fan and dust buster, haha. 

This top is a bit short on me, although you can’t really tell that from this photo. The material is shorter at the hips than it is in the front and the back. I think it’s intended to let people peek at your midriff area. I’m not a fan of showing my belly, but I like the ‘cold shoulder’ design of this. I think I will wear it this summer with some high-waisted shorts and then you won’t see my belly. This top is $29.99 to keep.

Nadine west top

Before I put this on, I thought the top was just a basic black t-shirt. When I got it on, I realized it had big bell sleeves! This isn’t my personal style, but I can see it appealing to others. It is $36.99 to keep.

Nadine West March

I was a bit surprised to get a sweater in my March shipment. We definitely have sweater weather days in March here in Michigan, but I wouldn’t usually acquire new winter clothing this late in the season. Anyway, I like how this sweater looks and almost thought I’d keep it, until I remembered that I have too many sweaters that I don’t wear enough already. Also, the material was a little scratchy, so I think I’ll pass it on to someone else. This was a good guess at my style, I just wish the material was different. This is $36.46 to keep. 

nadine west necklace

I thought this flower or star-like necklace was cute and spring-like! The pendant isn’t quite my style, but I think my sister will love it. This is $39.99 to keep. 

Nadine west march outfit

The top and bottoms here with both sent in this shipment.

This top is quite cute! It’ll be a few months before it’s warm enough to wear this here in Michigan, but it’ll tuck it away for hot summer days. I had on a pink bra here, so you can’t really see that it has a lace cut-out top. I’ll have to wear a different bra with it. It is $24.99 to keep. 

The bottoms here were thick and fuzzy inside, like brushed fleece? The outside felt like a cheap legging material. Some Nadine West bottoms or leggings come in this material that reminds me of Halloween costume material and I have a sensory aversion to it. However, even if it didn’t have the fabric that bothers me on the outside, I am not really one to wear brown pants, and my wear of fleece-lined bottoms is pretty limited as well. So, these were a bg ‘pass’ for me. They are $28.99 to keep. 

Remember, you can sign up for Nadine West and fill out a style profile today! Typically you’d be charged a shipping fee (just shy of $10) and then they’d send you at least four items to try on. If you decided to keep at least one item, the ~$10 shipping fee will be taken off the cost of the item that you keep. 

However, right now they are waiving the shipping fee for new customers! Take Your Style Quiz Today at Nadinewest.com and Receive FREE Shipping on Your First Box with Code LUCKY5 at Checkout. Offer Ends, 03/24, so HURRY!

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