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Whether you work from home or in the office, many jobs require prolonged periods of sitting while working. Depending on where you work, most standard office chairs are not designed to support the body during all of this sitting. These types of “task chairs” are not meant to be used for more than four hours at a time. 

As such, the wrong type of unsupportive office chair can cause stress and strain on your body over time, leading to nagging aches and pains that just won’t relent. To help tackle and prevent these issues, companies, people who work from home, and even schools are turning to ergonomic chairs.

What Is an Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs are a special kind of chair that’s designed with the support of the human body in mind.

These chairs feature adjustments for posture, comfort, and back support. And some even come with built-in massagers and heating and cooling options.

Ergonomic chairs can support upwards of six to eight hours of use, unlike task chairs which are meant for quick tasks. To be considered an ergonomic chair, an office chair must have adjustments for:

  • Height of the seat
  • Depth of the seat
  • Lumbar support

Ergonomic chairs are particularly beneficial for those of us who sit the vast majority of the day.

An ergonomic chair is one of the best investments workers can make in their long-term health. It can actually end up saving you money in the future by preventing costly medical complications and the need for a new chair after new chair.

Keep reading to learn why you need an ergonomic chair.

Health Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

1. Posture Support

As we mentioned, traditional office or task chairs are not designed with good posture in mind. Over time, these types of chairs can strain your spine, leading to poor posture. Many Americans struggle with poor posture, and often may not even realize it because it is so easy to start hunching over without realizing it — especially after you’ve been sitting for a few hours.

Ergonomic chair adjustments help people find the correct angle for their height and body shape, which in turn helps them maintain good posture throughout the course of their workday — or night.

2.  Blood Circulation Improvement

Poorly constructed office chairs can also inhibit proper blood flow and decrease circulation. Ergonomic chairs allow users to adjust their seats to encourage proper circulation in the legs. This is important for your health, as poor circulation can lead to a plethora of health issues, including swelling and even blood clots.

3. Enhanced Productivity

A supportive, comfortable chair can play a huge role in your productivity levels. When you don’t have to stand up every five minutes or adjust your positioning to try and find a comfortable spot, you’ll be able to stay laser-focused on the task at hand. You also won’t be distracted by aches and pains and can get your work done ASAP without interruption.

4. Supportive Back Rests

If you’ve experienced lower back pain, you’ll know how debilitating this type of pain can be. Many office chairs lack proper lumbar support, leading to stiff and tight lower backs.

To fight these common back issues, ergonomic chairs feature supportive backrests that are designed with the spine’s curvature in mind. 

Standard office chairs also lack proper neck support. Stiffness in the neck or shoulders is common after prolonged sitting. For people with neck conditions, using an ergonomic chair can prevent further worsening of your medical condition.  

5. Relieve Hip Pressure

Another health benefit of ergonomic chairs is their support for your hips. Standard office chairs that lack support and are hard often put extra pressure on your hips. While you may think hip pain is only for the elderly, hip pain and pressure can affect people of any age, especially those who sit in uncomfortable chairs for large portions of the day.

Ergonomic chairs are equipped with extra support and padding to help keep the hips supported. In turn, this eliminates pressure on your hips throughout the workday.

Shopping for an Ergonomic Chair

One way to guide your ergonomic chair shopping is by reading customer reviews. Customer reviews can give you helpful insight to help guide you find the best ergonomic chair for you. Here is one review for a popular Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair. Here, you can gain firsthand insight into one user’s opinion of one of the most popular ergonomic chairs available.

Convinced you need to swap your standard task chair for a supportive ergonomic chair? Check out these best ergonomic chairs today!

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