Date Night Couple Ideas For A Hands-On Valentine’s Day (From Young Living)

This ‘Date Night Ideas For A Hands-On Valentine’s Day Gift For Couples (From Young Living)’ is sponsored by Young Living.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Valentine’s Day is almost here and the clock is ticking fast so the time to make your plans, secure your gift, and prep is now!  If you’ve got a sweetie, I’ve got some date night ideas for you from Young Living.

Date Night Couple Ideas For A Hands-On Valentine’s Day (From Young Living)

Hands-on Valentine’s Day Gifts For Couples From Young Living

They say couples that play together, stay together – and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching I wanted to share these fun gifts that encourage couples to spend more time together. 

Young Living Vitality Culinary Kit!

Date Night Idea #1:  The Chefs

Do you and your significant other enjoy cooking?  Grab your aprons and make this February 14th a night to create in the kitchen with your loved one!  Check out the Young Living Vitality Culinary Kit!  It’s your passport to a world of flavor— and features six of their most popular Vitality oils.  With the help of this awesome kit, you’ll be able to start infusing your favorite recipes with the taste of citrus, floral, mint, and herbal. Pair it with the Einkorn Cookbook to up your game with a gluten-free twist.

Young Living

Date Night Idea #2:  The Romantics

Looking for a way to unwind together for a relaxing Valentine’s Day evening at home?  The Sensation Massage Oil from Young Living is the perfect gift!  Order DoorDash from a new restaurant and enjoy in front of the fireplace.  Then, set up your bedroom to become an oasis of love and set aside some time to talk, relax, and give each other amazing massages!  Pair it with the Sensation Essential Oil blend and the Sensation Hand and Body Lotion for a sensual DIY gift set.

Date Night Ideas For Hands-On Valentine’s Day Gifts For Couples (From Young Living)

Date Night Idea #3:  The Adventurous

Are you and your honey the kind who like to spice things up?  This Valentine’s Day, book a date night at a local escape room, rock climbing wall, or axe throwing adventure!  After that, head to your favorite restaurant for some grub.  Finally, when you get home; set up a romantic environment and spice things up with Goldenrod Essential Oil, whose aroma is said to create an intimate atmosphere and enhance libido. Try a few drops in a bedroom diffuser. The Rose Essential Oil is another good one to set the mood! 

Tell me, which of these date night ideas appeals most to you?

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This post currently has 8 responses.

  • Lauryn R

    Young Living makes the best essential oils! I have never tried the massage oil, I bet it is amazing! These are definitely great ideas for a romantic Valentines Day. Thanks for sharing!

  • Maria E

    I like the idea of infusing recipes with some flavorful oils. I make salads frequently and so many of these oils would add a good twist.

  • Peggy Nunn

    These are great ideas…. I want to try one of them. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Ashley Parks

    I didn’t realize Young Living made massage oils and lotions! I’d love to try them and the sensation oil in the diffuser! I love the idea of a date night to go ax throwing. That’s something my hubby and I haven’t tried, but I think he would like that.

  • Peggy Nunn

    Well today is Valentine’s Day… what are you doing tonight? We are having a staying at home date night with a nice dinner.

  • Peggy Nunn

    We like just to spend time together away from everything. That is our perfect day.

  • Peggy Nunn

    We like just to spend time together away from everything. That is our perfect day.


    Everything sounds interesting. I am not in to Valentine’s Day. We do stuff all the time and not wait for special days on the calendar.

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