GoSports Summertime Must Haves: Kids Safety Sign, Disposable Party Bowls, Sunscreen Flask

This ‘Summertime Must Haves: Kids Safety Sign, Disposable Party Bowls, Sunscreen Flask’ post is sponsored by GoSports.  As always, all opinions are my own.

GoSports Summertime Must Haves

Winter is still in full swing here in Minnesota as we actually just got about 15 inches of snow last week!  But even with that fresh drop of snow, I know that spring is just around the corner.  The month of March tends to bring about a change in the air and there’s no denying that summer fun is on the way.  This year, grab some of these GoSports favorites to make your summer even better.

 GoSports Summertime Must Haves: Kids Safety Sign, Disposable Party Bowls, Sunscreen Flask

SlowDownMan Street Safety Sign

We live in the country and spend a lot of time outdoors.  My kids were all getting older and I wasn’t so worried about yard safety anymore and then along came Ruby.  Since we’ll have a toddler again this summer, I’m thankful to have this GoSports Slow Down Man Sign.  With some teenagers in the neighborhood who like to drive a bit too fast, I’m hoping this safety man will help remind them to slow down and be more aware of their surroundings.

This sign was easy to assemble, we just had to snap the base and flag on.  Once the weather warms up, we’ll fill the sign up with water for extra stability and it’ll be all set to go.  I really like the bright orange color as well as the tall safety flag.

GoSports Summertime Must Haves: Kids Safety Sign, Disposable Party Bowls, Sunscreen Flask

Disposable Or Reusable Bowls

I’m probably too excited over these disposable bowls!  Not only will they work extremely well for snacks, chips, salads, fruit, and more at all our summer picnics and gatherings; we already used the red party cup bowls at a hotel last week too.  They worked fantastic for our walking taco fixings as well as snacks throughout the week!  These bowls are a decent size at 60 ounces and are fairly sturdy.  While they are cheap enough to be disposable, I actually washed mine and held on to them for future use.  

Don’t forget about your pets too!  They also make party bowls for your dogs and cats that will work well when out and about all year round.  These bowls are a good option for dry food, wet food, and water and can either be disposed of after use or washed and reused again.  These bowls also measure in at 60 ounces and come 30 to a pack.

GoPong Sunscreen Flask Set

These Sunscreen Flasks are the perfect way to bring your favorite drink on the go to resorts, pools, sports games, cruises, festivals, beach days, theme parks, and more.  A unique design makes these bottles look like a normal sunscreen bottle but allow you to carry up to 10 shots anywhere you go.  This set even includes a mess free funnel and liquor spout so you can easily fill flasks with your favorite drinks and not lose a drop.

GoPon Sunscreen flask

Tell me, which of these new products is your favorite?

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  • Maria Egan

    Every spring our neighborhood Slow Down Man comes out and it is a good reminder for everyone. I like the reusable bowls. They would be such a good idea to take along for adventures and to have some at home.

  • Lauryn R

    These are really fun Summer products! I love the reusable bowls, I have never seen them this shape before. They are perfect for our puppy on all of our adventures!

  • Peggy Nunn

    I like those big bowls, I have not seen them before. I need them.

  • Shakeia Rieux

    I didn’t know they had party bowls for pets, it is something I need though, as well as the sunscreen flasks.

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