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By Amber

April 23rd, 2023

Thanks to Nat Geo Kids for sending me these books. As always, all opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post. 

I think we’re *finally* going to start seeing consistent spring weather in Minnesota this week! We were gifted a week in the seventies and then it dropped back down below freezing and started snowing again – NOT cool. This upcoming week will still be chilly in the 40’s and 50’s, but it’s definitely better than snow. To ring in spring, we’ve got some super fun new books from National Geographic Kids, and a set to give away, too! 

nat geo hop into spring book giveaway

National Geographic Kids Hop into Spring Giveaway!

We LOVE Nat Geo Kids books. Over the years we’ve collected quite a few, and we really enjoy their dinosaur and “Weird but True” books. As we head into spring, they’ve got an awesome selection of new titles to add to your shelves. Check out our favorites!

that's factastic nat geo kids

That’s Fact-tastic!: Mind-blowing, Eye-popping, Jaw-dropping Stuff About Our World (Bet You Didn’t Know)

Did you know that a giraffe’s eye is as big as a Ping-Pong ball? Or that about 19 million hot dogs are sold at major league baseball games every year? Or that there is only one bone in your body that’s not connected to another one?  This book is chock-full of fascinating facts, silly stats, and catchy little knowledge nuggets in all kinds of awesome categories, from amphibians to black holes to the gold rush. Special features include Extreme Weirdness, Strange Places, What’s the Difference, and more. Bold, colorful photographs in a supersize format and spectacular information create a winning combination for curious kids who can’t wait to learn more about the world.
Our nine year old daughter is really into facts right now and loves reading them to us on long car rides. Considering that she HATED reading up until a year ago, this makes my mama heart so happy! It’s books like these that really capture her interest and make her *want* to read more – plus the fun facts are interesting for 
kids and adults alike.
becoming a butterfly board book

Little Kids First Board Book: Becoming a Butterfly

Follow one of nature’s most fascinating creatures from egg to caterpillar to butterfly in this vibrantly illustrated board book that introduces babies and toddlers to these incredible insects. Bursting with vivid photos and featuring super-simple facts, this charming board book explores how a butterfly becomes a butterfly.  Little readers will be dazzled by the variety of colorful butterflies they meet as they learn how these beloved insects develop from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to an adult ready to spread its wings and fly.
This book is fantastic for your youngest readers – infants and toddlers will love it. Nat Geo Kids board books hold up so well over time and make wonderful gifts, too!

Little Kids First Big Book of Sports (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)

Little Kids First Big Book of Sports (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)

Climb, dive, skate and race into the wide world of sports! This lively reference book, co-branded with ESPN, introduces young readers to a variety of sports from across the globe and explores how they are played. Whether a sport needs a ball or a stick, a pool or a field, a racquet or a ski pole, young readers can explore each sport’s history and the rules and skills that make that sport unique. From basketball to soccer, lacrosse to cricket, archery to diving, bowling to skateboarding, snowboarding to playground games, this lively reference book covers a variety of team and individual sports. Special sections look at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Features include:

  • Age-appropriate descriptions of dozens of sports, and the rules and skills that make each sport unique
  • Activities that encourage interactive learning and exercise
  • Simple text for reading aloud or for beginning readers
  • Fun facts on every spread
  • More than 200 incredible photos
  • Parent tips that extend the experience beyond the book


Zeus the Mighty: The Voyage on the Oddest Sea

Zeus the Mighty: The Voyage on the Oddest Sea (Book 5)

Join Zeus the overconfident hamster, Athena the wise cat, Ares the treat-loving pug, Poseidon the proud pufferfish, Demeter the loyal grasshopper, and Hermes the daring chicken on another laugh-out-loud adventure through Greek mythology. Plunge into stormy waters with Zeus the hamster and his gaggle of gods as they meet a shape-shifting soothsayer and uncover the mysteries of the deep in the spellbinding fifth book in this hilarious romp through Greek mythology.
After an earthquake rocks the Aegean Sea, Zeus and Demeter set sail in a not-so-seaworthy vessel to find out what really happened. When their ship is capsized by a slithering sea monster, the duo find themselves trapped in a mystifying underwater realm. The other Olympians mount a rescue mission, only to encounter enchanting mermaid-like creatures with hypnotic songs and a tentacled shape-shifter who tells tales of the future. His uncanny abilities make the Olympians question themselves―and each other. Can the god squad stick together, or will the strange currents of this underwater world tear them apart?
We’re a homeschooling family and this book series makes it so fun to learn about Greek mythology! 
National Geographic Kids 5-Minute Baby Animal Stories (5-Minute Stories)

National Geographic Kids 5-Minute Baby Animal Stories (5-Minute Stories)

If baby animals make you go aww, this collection of stories is the book for you!  Curl up with 12 true tales about some of the most adorable baby animals on the planet.  Each story is the ideal length to be read aloud in five minutes, perfect for bedtime, story time, or anytime. From inspiring tales of baby manatee and baby wombat rescues to irresistible stories of how panda cubs, penguin chicks, and more babies grow up, this non-fiction 5-minute storybook will engage and enchant animal lovers of all ages. Illustrated with colorful photographs, these true stories are perfect for any time you need a little boost of cute!
Our son who is seven absolutely loves five minute stories – we have a variety of fiction and non-fiction options and these are the best bedtime stories out there. They’re also a great supplement for homeschooling!

 See this image National Geographic Kids My Favorite Animals Super Sticker Activity Book (NG Sticker Activity Books)

National Geographic Kids My Favorite Animals Super Sticker Activity Book (NG Sticker Activity Books)

Chock-full of kids’ favorite animals: dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters, birds, cows, sheep, pigs, and many more! With a colorful design and loaded with tons of games and activities–such as mazes, matching, drawing, and counting — kids are sure to love these pages of 2,000 stickers!

This book is the perfect take-along for the car, in a waiting room, or a restaurant. We take it pretty much everywhere and it keeps the kids entertained (without screens!). I can’t wait to add more of these sticker activity books to our shelves!

nat geo kids books

National Geographic Kids Hop into Spring Giveaway!

Enter to win this entire group of books from Nat Geo Kids! This is a US giveaway ending 5/8/23. Enter using the form below, and good luck! 









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  • Peggy Nunn

    I love National Geo books. They are so informative.

  • gloria patterson

    Natl Geo books are great for all ages. I have bought a lot of the dinosaurs books for my great great nephew. He told when he was 3 he wanted dinosaur books BUT not baby books. He is 8 now and still loves his books

  • Maria Egan

    We are fans of Nat Geo books. My grandson has many of the shark books that we read all the time. So many interesting facts.

  • Laura DeLaRosa

    The people of Puebla, Mexico observe Cinco de Mayo to celebrate the victory of the Mexican soldiers over French troops storming the city to bring it under French rule.

  • Abby Liles

    I would love these books for my classroom!

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