Loco Bebe Review - Organic Baby Food Featuring Caribbean flavors

This ‘Loco Bebe Review – Organic Baby Food Featuring Caribbean flavors’ review is sponsored by Loco Bebe.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Our littlest is already 16 months old now and finally showing more interest in foods.  We struggled with breastfeeding at the beginning as well as colic for a solid 6 months.  So as she grew and finally took to nursing just past that six month mark, I decided to do baby-led weaning when it came to foods.  Over the past few months, she’s become more interested in the foods we’re eating but still very much prefers purees.  So when I heard about Loco Bebe’s organic food pouches, I knew they’d be the perfect addition to her daily diet as well as easy to eat on the go during busy summer days.

Organic Baby Food Featuring Caribbean flavors

Loco Bebe Review – Organic Baby Food Featuring Caribbean flavors

The first thing you’ll notice when you start looking at Loco Bebe is their unique selection of 4 oz Organic Puree Pouches.  You won’t find plain old carrots or applesauce here.  Instead, they’ve taken inspiration from delectable Caribbean cuisine and crafted some unbeatable flavors kids love. 

Organic Baby Food Featuring Caribbean flavors

Unique Flavors

The options available from Loco Bebe sound so yummy that you’ll be tempted to sneak a taste too!  Choose from unique, delicious purees including:

  • Caribbean Pumpkin
  • Mucho Mango
  • Passion Fusion 
  • Pina Passion 
  • Banana Mango
  • Totally Tropical

Organic And Delicious — From Farm To Family

Sourced directly from the farms, you’ll find no pre-processed purees and nothing from concentrate when you buy Loco Bebe Puree Pouches.  They strive to create and deliver only the best for your kiddos and you’ll be able to taste the difference!

Each pouch is loaded with healthy, pure, USDA-certified organic fruit and veggies to encourage healthy eating habits from an early age. Loco Bebe does not use any pre-processed purees. They peel and cut their farm-fresh ingredients in their own kitchen. They then package the product in a 4oz BPA-free resealable squeeze pouch. The company is also committed to using regenerative organic agriculture and farming methods – which means no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and a less harmful environmental impact. 

Loco Bebe Review - Organic Baby Food Featuring Caribbean flavors

Final Thoughts

I LOVE pouches for the kiddos.  They make eating on the go so much easier, especially for the littles.  Our little Ruby seems to really enjoy her Loco Bebe pouches and the flavors smell fantastic too.

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  • Joey Simmonds

    What a great product. I do not have any children at home anymore. If I did, I would get this and let the little one try it.

  • Ashley Parks

    I’ve never seen this brand before! I love that its organic! We still do pouch foods like this on the go with our kids because they really keep them from making a mess! I’ll have to look for this next time we are in store.

  • Peggy Nunn

    It sounds like a great food for the children.

  • Maria Egan

    Seems like a good way to introduce kids to a variety of flavors while they are young.

  • Lauryn R

    I definitely wish that these were around when mine were babies! I love pouches, they are so much easier for them to eat and are far less messy. These flavors sound amazing, too! I will definitely be buying these for my next baby. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Kari B

    Sounds like some delicious options, especially the Mucho Mango flavor.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I like the variety of flavors they have. That is nice.

  • gloria patterson

    These flavors sound so good. I remember last year shopping for pouches for my great great niece who was coming for a visit. And the flavors they had were so boring sounding.

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