Product Review Policies:

  • We have to receive an item to review it. If you don’t want to send a product, the option remaining would be a sponsored post and would require payment. If you are interested in this, you can email Emily at Emilyreviewscom@gmail.com.
  • To comply with Google webmaster guidelines, all links in review blog posts must be “nofollow” or have a rel=”sponsored” tag added.
  • We do not return review items, they are compensation for our time and the promotion that you receive through our post.
  • To comply with the FTC regulations, we will have a disclaimer image at the bottom of review posts and an informal disclaimer towards the top of the blog post “above the fold” as well.
  • Review items must be the item(s) that you agreed to send us via email, including the size, color, quantity and condition (new) that we requested. If you fail to send exactly what was agreed upon, we may not complete a review. In product reviews, the product(s) we receive are effectively our compensation for the work that we do for you, so it is important that we agree on what we want to receive.
  • If you agree to send multiple items, all items need to be sent. If you only send a portion of the items that we agree upon, we reserve the right to refrain from posting the review until the additional items or sent. If you are unwilling or unable to send additional items, we will return the items you did send if you mail us a prepaid USPS shipping label.
  • We only post honest reviews. If we have a problem with your product we will contact you and you will have the option of choosing to have us not review the item we received. If this happens, we can return the item if you send us a prepaid USPS shipping label.
  • Our goal is to review items within 3 weeks of when the item(s) arrived to us. However, some items require more time to test, and sometimes unexpected circumstances arise in our personal lives which may delay reviews. If you need our post to be up on a certain date or with a certain turn around time, you need to inform us of this when the review item(s) are being negotiated, before we provide you with our mailing address. If you request a shorter deadline after we have provided you with our address for shipping items to us, we may or may not be able to accommodate your request.

Giveaway related policies:

  • We do not pay shipping fees related to giveaways. We ask brands to send prizes directly to the winner(s).
  • If you want to have a giveaway without a review, this is considered a sponsored post and requires payment. If you are interested in this, you can email Emily at Emilyreviewscom@gmail.com.
  • To comply with Facebook terms of service, we do not allow entries for ‘liking’ a Facebook page, or commenting on a Facebook wall.
  • We will not host giveaways unless the winner is able to get something entirely for free, including shipping. For example, we can’t do giveaways for a coupon or discount.
  • We do not typically provide entrants’ email addresses to brands. If you’d like to receive the email addresses of everyone who enters your giveaway, you need to request this in advance of the giveaway beginning. We will post a notice to our readers that their email will be provided to the brand if they enter the giveaway.

Sponsored Post and ad Policies:

  • Only the blog owner (Emily) organizes sponsored posts and ads.
  • I follow Google webmaster guidelines for sponsored posts, adding a nofollow or sponsored tag to all links within sponsored, partnered or compensated posts.
  • Press releases, contest announcements, new product announcements and sale announcements are all considered sponsored posts and require payment.
  • Payment must be received prior to the post or ad being published.
  • Sidebar ads are available in sizes 125×125 and 200×200.
  • Sponsored posts and paid advertorials are available.
  • Sponsored social media shares are available.
  • Ads and sponsored posts must be family-friendly in appearance and the sites that they link to must be family-friendly also.
  • All sponsored posts will have my paid post disclaimer image at the bottom and a disclaimer above the fold as required by the FTC.
  • Any details including but not limited to blog post angle, words used to link, type of link, images included, length of post, etc must be mentioned and agreed upon prior to payment. If guidelines regarding the post are brought up after payment is made and the post is published, I cannot guarantee to be okay with the changes or issue a refund.
  • I do not give refunds to brands who failed to read my policies.


If you have any questions about our policies or are interested in any of these promotional services, you can contact me via the contact form here on my site or directly at emilyreviewscom@Gmail.com.


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