By Betty

June 21st, 2012

┬áMy 11 year old daughter is a creative and brilliant young girl and she has a lot of friends that are as well, so when Swingset Press offered to send me 3 creative pajama party games geared towards my tween for her to play at a slumber party I thought it would be a great fit. I was sent S.T.A.R. Awardz, Ultimate Truth or Dare, and Acting Out. The games can be played with 2 or more players ages 7+ . My girl invited several girls over for the party, but only one came since it was Memorial Day weekend as that was the only time we had available for the party and I can assure you the games are super fun even if you only have 2 girls to play! It’s a really nice way to keep technology out of their hands for a bit and let kids PLAY as they were intended to do!

There was lots of giggling as they tried out each of the games and just had a plain old good time!

The first game the girls played was Ultimate Truth of Dare. I let them play this one without me as I am certain they wouldn’t want me to know some of their truths! Some of those cards ask such embarrassing questions! Such as tell the worst thing you have ever done without getting in trouble and if you went on a date and the boy farted would you ever go out with him again. These are things I am better off not knowing. But I was privy to a lot of the dares. My favorite one had to be when my daughter’s friend came running down the stairs and ran around the house in a circle 3 times while singing “Single Ladies.” It was pretty hilarious. The game is intended to create laughter and good times and it certainly did so. It comes with 24 Truth cards and 24 dare cards, but then it amps up the game by adding Tough Truth and Diabolical Truth cards along with Double Dare and Diabolical Dare cards. It is intended as a type of competitive game, so it comes with scorecards. They used the scorecard, but that wasn’t really a big part of it to them.

The next game they played was S.T.A.R. Awards. S.T.A.R. stands for Singing, Toe-Tapping, Acting, and Ridiculous. This was the girls favorite game! It’s great for little hams like these girls.

I love the way you choose who goes first. It is whoever can sing the highest note without screaming or screeching! For each turn, your girl spins the spinner and then has to pick a card and on each card it has activities for each of the S.T.A.R.s. The object of the game is to receive a star for each of the S.T.A.R.s. Some of activities have to be done within the 30 second timer, others are awarded by applause of your friends. Some of the Singing tasks are singing a song like a particular pop singer or making up a hip hop song about a crazy dream you have had. For Toe-tapping they do things like making up dance moves of your own or following dance moves the cards give you like dance like a dying swan for 28 seconds and then die gracefully. That one was pretty funny here! My daughter’s favorites were the Acting actions. She has a dramatic flair so it worked well for her. You have to do things like acting out the plot to your favorite movie in 30 seconds or doing charade type things where you imitate the cutest boy in school and your friends have to guess what you are doing! My favorites are the Ridiculous actions. For these you do truly silly things such as juggling 3 shoes with out dropping one for 30 seconds straight or put on makeup with your eyes closed. The girls didn’t do the latter one, but I am sure it would have been hilarious. They really enjoyed this game.

The last of the games was Acting Out and is intended for girls just like my daughter that have no stage fright whatsoever. The game has Act Out cards and Sound Out cards. You have to perform tasks from 2 cards simultaneously and they have one minute to plan out what they are going to do. Then the timer is turned over and your friends try and guess what you are doing. You cannot use words for the pantomiming part of the action, but you can use words while singing, just nothing that will give away what you are doing since that is what your friends have to guess. An example of 2 actions would be Sound like your alarm clock while simultaneously Acting out shoveling snow in your driveway. I was surprised how difficult guessing what they were doing was. They did a better job of guessing than me and had a really good time playing.

You can find out more about these fun Swingset Press games on their website or their facebook pages. You can purchase these games online at their website or physically at Barnes and Noble stores or Justice stores for $14.99.

Do these games sound good to you? Swingset Press is offering one of our readers their choice of one of the 3 games Acting Out, Ultimate Truth or Dare, or S.T.A.R. Awardz. Just fill out the widget below. Good luck! Open to U.S. only and the contest ends 7/6.

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