Thank you to RosieMADE for providing me soap samples, free of charge, for review.  All opinions are my own.

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RosieMADE is a company that launched in November 2012 and strives to bring you quality, inspiring gifts and products that are made in the USA. The founder is Alicia Vanderschuere.  Alicia is a USA manufacturing advocate among many other things.  With 15 years of corporate and retail experience, Alicia took her American dream passion and partnered with hard working women to create RosieMADE LLC.  RosieMADE teams up with women friendly companies to bring amazing products to the market. Every product is either hand made or created using the small batch technique resulting in amazing quality products made out of safe materials.

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RosieMADE’s goal is to help women influence. With the use of consumer spending, they are making women-owned businesses bigger and better than ever before. During this process, the hope is to increase women entrepreneurship and also increase jobs and pay for Americans. Throughout all this, promoting the accomplishments of women and supporting them during advancement is also kept in mind.

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I was sent a bar of handmade organic Zesty Lemongrass soap and a bar of handmade organic Lavender Oatmeal soap.  The first thing I noticed upon opening the package was their appearance.  Both bars were shaped well.  These are definitely bars I would like to have out for our guests to use since they look so nice.

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The next thing I noticed is that both bars had a nice soft scent to them.  I’ve had soap in the past that is so overpowering that I’ve had to throw it away because I would get headaches from the smell.  RosieMADE’s bar soap has such a pleasant smell that I even enjoy the light scent in the air.  When we tested the RosieMADE bar soap, we found it to lather, clean, and rinse well.  What more could I ask for.  It looks good, smells pleasant, and works well.  Our family likes  it and we think you will too.

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Buy It: Head over to RosieMADE to see for yourself the great selection of PRODUCTS they offer.

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