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We used to have an outdoor grill but it stopped working within a  couple years of purchasing.  Since it was unfixable, it ended up in the trash.  We live in Minnesota and the grill didn’t get much use so I had expected it to last a lot longer than it did.  Being one of our first big “married purchases”, I was really disappointed and we have yet to replace that grill.  When I came across Stephens Stovetop BBQ Grill, I was intrigued.  Not only would we be able to grill all year round, I wouldn’t have a large grill to store for three quarters of the year when we are unable to use it.  Stephen’s Stovetop BBQ sent me a sample for this review.

The very first thing to note is that Stephen’s Stovetop BBQ Grill must be used on a ~Gas Only~ stove top.  I took my grill out of the box and discovered three separate pieces: the Base, Drip Tray, and Grill Top.  They easily assembled by stacking one on top of the other.

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Stephen recommended grilling salmon and veggies for our first meal and I had full intentions to do just that. However, it got crazy cold here in Minnesota and I haven’t gotten to the grocery store.  Since the grill kept calling my name, I just couldn’t wait another day.  I had my husband dig the shrimp he purchased, a couple months ago, out of the freezer.  Since I’ve never made shrimp ever before, I quickly googled what to do with it.  Since it called for marinading, I turned the grill on to warm up and then I tossed together a marinade and also a dipping sauce and then was ready to get grilling.

I really liked that the instructions include a small grilling guide for how long certain foods take.  Since the veggies were going to take longer, I threw those on the grill first while the shrimp sat in the marinade.  After flipping once, I put the shrimp on skewers and placed those on the grill too.  Following the instructions, I set the timer and flipped after five minutes.  Another five minutes and the meal was done.  I was shocked at how easy and fun it was to grill, especially during Winter in Minnesota!

Now, the true test would be if my husband liked it.  I didn’t measure any of the ingredients for the marinade or dipping sauce and improvised when I didn’t have all the exact ones either but I didn’t tell him any of this.  We sat down for lunch and he absolutely loved it.  He said it was even better than the shrimp at our favorite restaurant!  I still can’t believe how easy it was to make either.

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Since I was so stoked at my lunch experience, I decided to jump straight to dessert for the finishing touches of the meal.  Stephen recommends grilled apples so we went for it.  I cut them into slices and placed on the grill.  After putting them on, it occurred to me that perhaps I should have cleaned the grill first.  Hoping that they wouldn’t taste like shrimp and onions, I finished grilling them. We topped with a scoop of Cool Whip and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.  Absolutely delicious results.  It was the perfect combination of sweet and relatively healthy.

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I also experimented with making quesadillas.  This was quite simple as well.  I just took two shells, added filling and cheese, and placed on the grill.  I was able to fit two at a time.  It only took about 7 to 8 minutes on each side and they were ready to go.  Really yummy and simple.

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Now for clean up.  The best part about Stephen’s Stovetop Grill is that it is ~Dishwasher Safe~.  Typically, I wouldn’t put an item like this in our dishwasher but since it was a review item, I did.  I’m happy to report that it turned out perfect.

We have been really happy with our results when using Stephen’s Stovetop Grill.  So far, we haven’t had a single thing to fail that we’ve grilled on it.  I love that it’s easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to clean.  Add in the delicious results and it’s a winner.

This would make a great gift for Valentine’s, Father’s Day, Birthday, or for no reason at all.  It’s been a crowd pleaser in our home and I think it will be in yours too.

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