Thank you Softbums for providing me a sample Echo Diaper and Pod System, free of charge, to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

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The beginning of 2014 brought a big change for me.  I started cloth diapering!  I had a few diapers already on hand because I had wanted to try cloth with baby #3 but I only lasted through one diaper change before reverting back to disposables.  Now our 4th child was 18 months old and he started reacting to the “green” disposables we were paying a small fortune for each month so I felt a renewed determination to try cloth yet again.  This time, I had a sufficient reason that gave me the drive to not give up so easily.  Turns out, I actually enjoy cloth diapering and I can’t remember what used to scare me so much about it.

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Since I’m in the cloth diapering world for the long haul this time, I started looking at all the different options that are out there.  Wow.  That got overwhelming fast.  There are different types of diapers, shells, liners, inserts, and more.  However, I came across a company called Softbums who seemed to have a simplified way to cloth diaper.  They offer two choices: The ECHO and The OMNI with a variety of pod/insert options and accessories available as well.

The very first thing I noticed that was different about my ECHO Shell And Pod System was the built-in tiny toggles that are hidden inside the diaper for a customized fit.   This was a completely new feature to me that I have never seen in any other diaper I have.  Thankfully, Softbums has an easy guide on how to create a great custom fit with this feature.  From playing with the toggle settings, I can easily see how well this diaper can accommodate a newborn and continue to grow with the child into toddlerhood.  This is a fantastic feature to have as it will save money from purchasing multiple sizes in cloth diapers.

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 Another feature that Softbums has included in their diaper system is a snap.  This helps to secure the pod system to the diaper shell.  I find the snap easy to do and it helps keep the liner/pod system secure.

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Since I am still relatively new to cloth, I don’t know if I yet have a preference to snaps or velcro closure.  However, Softbums offers choices in both to accommodate preferences.  For this review, I decided to try out the velcro.  So far, I do like the convenience, ease of use, and speed of changing that the velcro offers us.

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I am easily able to get a nice secure fit with the Softbums Echo.  Our son is comfortable and the diaper fits as snug as I need with the adjustable toggles.  I am able to get the perfect fit around his legs to prevent any leakage.

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I have found the Softbums Echo Diaper to be slightly slimmer than the other brands I own.  Not only do I like this look better but our son is able to run and play easier too.

Overall, I like what the Echo diaper offers.  While it does seem slightly smaller than some other “one size” diapers I have and I worry that it will not fit our son up to the 35# weight limit, all of our other kids were trained well before they reached 35#.  (Our 3 year old isn’t even that heavy yet.)  At about 24# and twenty months old, the Echo still gives a great fit so I am hopeful that we will be able to use Softbums till he is potty trained.

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