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Well&belle Natural Beauty Products ~ Review | Emily Reviews

Thank you to well&belle for providing me with products to facilitate my blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.

A few years ago, I took a deep look at the cosmetics I was using. When I looked at the ingredients they contained, I was horrified! Many of them had stuff I couldn’t even pronounce. I also began reading about how those toxic ingredients could be linked to hormonal disruptions and cancer. I decided then and there that it wasn’t worth the risk. It was time for a change. Since then, I only use cosmetics with all natural ingredients. I make sure the beauty products I use are vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, and because I am allergic to coconut, I make sure they are also coconut free.

While doing some gift shopping, I found a company called well&belle. Well&belle is the place to go for natural, green, organic skincare, makeup, and personal care items. They offer a collection of beauty products that have been hand chosen because they are free of dangerous synthetic ingredients. All of the products well&belle offer are made with high quality all natural ingredients. Well&belle personally tries all of their products to make sure they meet their high standards.

For my review, I received a collection of cosmetics including Lily Lolo Lip Glosses in Whisper and Peachy Keen, Lily Lolo Pressed Eye Shadow Palettes Pedal to the Metal and Laid Bare, Lily Lolo Pressed Blush in Tickled Pink, Pure Anada Highlight Powder in Lustrous, Pure Anada Contour Powder in Alluring, and Pure Anada Black Mascara.

Lily Lolo is an award-winning mineral cosmetics collection. Lily Lolo products perfectly balance natural chemical-free ingredients with mineral-based technology. Lily Lolo specializes in lightweight products with coverage. Every Lily Lolo product is chemical-free, dye-free, and filler-free. Lily Lolo cosmetics go on smoothly and provide all-day wear. Lily Lolo creates products that help you enhance your natural beauty.

Pure Anada specializes in cosmetics made with luxurious, organic ingredients. Pure Anada cosmetics are handcrafted in the Canadian prairies. They use wholesome ingredients in all of their products. Pure Anada cosmetics contain all-natural plant oils, minerals, and nourishing butters. Pure Anada cosmetics are easy to use and feel nice on. They help bring out your natural features.

I feel as though I have hit the cosmetic jackpot. Well&belle had everything I wanted and more. I love the selection and quality of products that well&belle offers. I will for sure be a well&belle repeat customer!

Buy It: Please visit the well&belle website to see the great selection of products they offer and convenient shopping locations.

Connect: Don’t forget to follow well&belle on Facebook and Instagram for the latest product announcements and special offers.

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  • Dandi D

    I would love to start using more natural makeup products!

  • Nancy Lee Epps

    I have very sensitive skin so for me I have got to be very careful qhen it comes to make-up or any kind of beauty products. I love knowing my facial beauty products comes from natural ingredients from the earth rather than dyes from squid or other animals.

  • I’m on the hunt for natural makeup too. I will put this on my list of makeup to try. Thank you!

  • I Am Looking For Something That Makes My Face Look Natural But I Got The Shingles On The Left Side Of My Face And It Has Scarred It But I Will Look Into This Product. Thank You.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I love the natural look too! I would love to try these products. You are glowing!

  • Maryann D.

    I do like that Well&belle has all natural, green, organic skincare, and makeup. I am trying to use products with less chemicals and safer like these products. Especially for my skin.

  • Lili B

    I’ve shopped well&belle before and they’re awesome! Their customer service is beyond any online company I’ve shopped with and I love their products. Definitely worth a try.

  • gloria patterson

    Have never heard of this company but I will add it to my list to check into. I want a natural product that fits in my budget.

  • ellen beck

    Firstoff your look lovely. I am glad you found a company that offered something natural. I would think it tough to find no coconut oil for some things but this company sounds like they deliver. I might check them out I have to avoid makeup everything itches while on, this might work well.

  • gala

    great looking natural products, worth a try. Thanks for the review

  • Michelle S

    I hadn’t heard of this brand before. I really like how natural the makeup turned out.

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