gift guide for pets 2020 gift ideas for cats and dogs

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gift guide for pets 2020 gift ideas for cats and dogs

BoxDog is a subscription service for dogs with a big twist. You get to choose what you get! No unpleasant surprises, just fill your own box with items you know your dog will love and use. For these gift-guide blog posts, we use stock images as a rule but I just had to break my own rule for the sake of showing you all Beans in her BoxDog jacket and backpack. If there is anything more adorably-goofy than a 16 year old blind pug wearing a jacket and a tiny, functioning backpack? I have no idea what it is! They also sent us some dog treats. The treats BoxDog sends in their boxes are 100% handmade by their own dog chefs. They have some black Friday offers going on now, check ’em out!

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armarkat dog bed

This Armarkat M12HMB/MB-L Dog Mattress is made with extra thick 100% poly-fill, soft plush and snowy velvet for your pet’s comfort. The large bed is suitable for big dogs or two small dogs. The bed also features a machine washable cover, a waterproof lining, and soothing neutral colors. The smart design of the waterproof interior lining makes it very easy to clean. Plus, the handle makes moving around hassle free!

Dog toys, Dog Treats

Bullymake Box is a dog toy and treats subscription box for power-chewers. Each month, Bullymake comes up with two to three toys and three nutritious treats in a fun theme. The toys are made with nylon, rubber, and ballistic materials. The treats are made with wholesome ingredients. Subscribers can choose to have toys only box that will include four to five toys instead. Bullymake has a satisfaction and durability guarantee. Nothing gets destroyed or it is replaced for free. Bullymake is made in the USA.


Bonne Et Filou is a fun way to give your dog a really fancy feeling gift! Their dog treats are designed like little doggy macarons! They are made in the US in small batches, using human-grade and all natural ingredients. They are 100% natural, free from corn, wheat, artificial colors and artificial flavors. They are a hard treat designed to be eaten as a long lasting chew. They come in four flavors, mint, strawberry, lavender or vanilla.

armarkat x7805

This Premium Cat Tree from Armarkat will make the perfect gift for your cats this year! With five stories and five different lounging spots, this tower is ideal for multiple cats. Made with pressed wood and ultra-soft faux fleece, it’s both a comfortable and entertaining tower. Cats will appreciate the variety of scratch posts and rope ladder for both climbing and chewing!

Deer Antlers for Dogs  

Pawstruck is the place to go for Antler dog chews. Pawstruck’s Antlers are shed naturally by wild free-roaming elk, deer, and moose. Once found, they are cleaned and heat-treated to ensure safety to your pet. Antlers are perfect for aggressive-chewers. In addition to entertaining, they also help clean your dog’s teeth of harmful plaque and tartar. Pawstruck offers Antlers in both solid and split as well as in multiple sizes. To learn more about Pawstruck, read Laurie’s full review.

Big Barker orthopedic dog beds were designed to improve the quality of life for large dogs by reducing joint pain and enabling them to rest comfortably. Big Barker dog beds have a supportive foam core, durable microfiber cover, and 75% encasing zipper closure. Customers can choose from a variety of bed sizes, styles, and colors. Big Barker dog beds are handcrafted in the USA and come with a 10-year warranty. The microfiber covers are machine washable. Right now Big Barker dog beds are 20% off. See website for details. To learn more about Big Barker, read Laurie’s full review.

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  • Maryann D.

    I think Bullymake Box dog toy and treats subscription box would be a perfect gift for my sisters and brother’s dogs! They would enjoy this. Of course my kitty would love the cat tree.

  • monique s

    Great ideas for pet lovers. I always love a fresh and new pet bed

  • Helga

    My rottie mix really wants that bed. And the antlers sound appealing to both of my dogs.

  • gloria patterson

    No pets but if I need I would be having the cat tower. I always got stuff for my cat at christmas

  • Julieh

    My cats would have so much fun on the premium cat tree.

  • Vickie L Couturier

    how stinking cute,,my dog would love this,,he likes to sleep and he loves to play,,he is tiny but oh so lazy

  • Mia E.

    Thanks for the good ideas. It makes me smile everytime I see a photo of your Beans. I hope she gets everything she wants for Christmas.

  • Donna

    My dogs would love the soft and comfy looking mattress from Armarkat. The BoxDog subscription sounds great too. I love that you can choose what you get.

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I love the cat tree!! My mom has a cat who would love it! We have two German Shepherds who are growing very fast! They would love the Antler Dog Chews! I have a difficult time trying to find things they can’t tear and chew up easily and will keep them a bit entertained. That’s a good idea for their Christmas List!

  • Laurie Nykaza

    All of my family and friends have pets so finding a gift they would like can be hard to do. I love all of these in the guide so cute and products i feel they would love to get for Christmas this year. Premium Cat Tree from Armarkat is amazing my cats would love it.

  • Sarah L

    Very fun ideas for gifts. I miss having a pet to give presents to.

  • Maryann D.

    I would absolutely love to get the Premium Cat Tree from Armarkat for my kitty. She would love it, but I just have to find a good location in my home for it!

  • Laura A.

    What a cute photo of your pug with the tiny jacket and backpack. We’re actually working on building emergency kits for our cats and I’d love a cat version! I love the fact that BoxDog allows the option to choose your subscription items. This is so important if there are treats or food included in the box. Although we only have cats, we’re not in a position to subscribe to pet boxes that don’t have this kind of flexibility. Three of our six cats are diabetic so they can’t have treats.

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