10 Amazing Benefits Of Summer Camp For Kids

10 Life Lessons Of Attending Summer Camp

Have your children attended summer camp or have you considered sending them?  Now’s the time to sign up as most camp registration is now open!

I grew up attending a local camp.  It was a sleep-away overnight camp where we’d spend 4 nights each summer.  Honestly, it was nerve-racking for me at first.  I was an introvert, picky eater, and struggled with self-confidence.  But in the end, it was a really great experience overall.  So now that our kids are now the age for attending, we’ve sent them to camp too.  Why?  Because kids can reap so many great benefits of kids summer camp participation.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Summer Camp For Kids

10 Benefits Of Kids Summer Camp

The local camp that our children attend is a great little camp that offers a variety of options.  They have family camp as well as different kids camps for those in 1st grade through 12th grade.  (Broken down into smaller age categories that attend each week.)  The youngest age group is the 1st-4th graders.  That’s a great one to start with because kids are only there from Sunday afternoon till Wednesday morning.  Once you get up to the Junior and Senior High camps, they are spending Sunday through Friday.  But no matter what the age of your child, we’re sharing 10 benefits of kids summer camp.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Summer Camp For Kids

1) Expand Their World

Heading off to sleep-away camp really broadens a child’s world.  They get to leave their home and familiar territory and see that there’s a lot out there in the world.  

2) Meet New People

One of the best things about camp is that kids get to meet new people.  Our daughter still has pen pals that she met at camp a couple years ago!  They continue to keep in contact through letter writing and emails.  It’s been so great for her to make new friends and then meet up with them each summer back at camp.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Summer Camp For Kids

3) Experience New Things

Has your child been in a canoe?  Have they sat around a campfire singing songs?  Have they ever played ‘counselor scavenger hunt’?  Being at camp means that your kids get the chance to experience new things.  Our local camp offers so many fun activities.  Each camp is different so check your state for local camps and find the one that would best meet your child’s needs.

4)  Learn

Our kids love the opportunity they have to learn new skills at camp.  Each day, they have time to sign on for an activity taught by different staff members.  Options for our kids included: learning sign language, target shooting with a BB gun, writing poetry, archery, and more.

5) They Get To Explore Nature

I think almost every camp I’ve ever heard about has been located in the country.  This means kids are getting the chance to explore nature.  Each year, our local camp takes the kids on hikes, trails, lakes, and more.  They get to do these things in groups with their peers, which really makes it more fun.  They discover beautiful flowers, tall trees, and a variety of wildlife. 

10 Amazing Benefits Of Summer Camp For Kids

6) Kids Get To Discover Unique Interests

Because kids get to experience so many things they normally wouldn’t, they are thrilled to discover new interests.  Our son has gotten to play a variety of sports that he otherwise wouldn’t have.  Our daughter also got to experience some of those.  And while she doesn’t love sports, it was good for her to get out and try something new.  What she does love is crafts though.  And at camp, she got to try new crafting techniques and have fun making things.

7) Mental Stimulation

Kids are challenged at camp in a variety of ways.  Our local camp has a variety of educational activities that has kids learning through play.  There’s scavenger hunts, where they have to decipher clues.  Games are played where they are mentally challenged but have so much fun it doesn’t even feel like they’re working their brain.  Our local camp uses canteen cards where each child’s spending money is tracked.  So the kids have to think about their budget and decide how to best spend the money we’ve allotted them.  But the best part of our local camp is the fact that it’s screen free!  There are no phones allowed so kids are unplugged which allows them to just be kids.

8) Physical Activity

Along with being unplugged, being at camp gets kids up and moving!  No matter what camp your child attends, they all offer outdoor time and activities!  

10 Amazing Benefits Of Summer Camp For Kids

9) Camp Leads To Confidence

Perhaps attending camp is the very first time your child gets the chance to be away from home.  It may be the very first time they make a basket during a quick game of basketball.  Or maybe it’ll be the very first time they catch a fish.  But no matter what, each activity they partake in at camp offers the chance to meet a mini milestone.  Something that they can be proud of.  Which, in turn, helps to build confidence.

10) It’s FUN

Let’s be real here.  Going to camp is FUN!  If that’s not reason enough by itself, I don’t know what is.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Summer Camp For Kids

Summer Camp For Kids

So tell me, what are your thoughts about summer camp?  If you’re considering sending your kids this year, now is the time to look into signing them up as spots do tend to fill fast!

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  • Lauryn R

    Summer Camp is definitely an amazing experience that allows kids to make memories that last a lifetime! I have yet to enroll my kids but I am definitely going to look into local camps this Summer.

  • monique s

    I loved going to summer camp. So spot on with your list and doing things like canoeing and nature preservation efforts were great

  • Peggy Nunn

    I did not get to go to camp but my grandchildren are going.

  • Helga

    I agree, a great summer camp experience is so enriching for kids. Getting in nature is a biggie for me.

  • Sarah L

    I went to Girl Scout camps when I was young. So much fun and learning.

  • Mia E

    My grandkids have attended both sports camps and nature camps. All have been fun and educational and they look forward to them every summer.

  • Leela

    It looks like a lot of fun.

  • monique s

    I like the mix of outdoor activities and bonding with new people

  • Susan Emery

    I sent my kids to camp every summer until they thought they were too old or cool to go. It was the best decisions we ever made. We had four girls. These camps were with the church. They were for boys and girls. They were split into age groups, so the girls were separated a lot, except for game nights and meals. Our kids came home with healthy attitudes, tans, smiles, and tons of stories to tell. Camp was good for them physically and mentally. This was definitely pin worthy! Thank you for sharing!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I never had a chance to go to summer camp as a kid. I spent the summers at my grandparent’s farm which I loved.

  • Barbara

    I loved summer camp. I was in the Girl Scouts and signed up for the longest time period allowed. They had programs for all kinds of experiences.

  • Peggy Nunn

    Summer camps are so good for kids to bond with others. I am glad they are back this year.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I am glad they are easing the restrictions on summer camps. It should be just for fun and friendship for the children.

  • monique s

    I think the being away from home without the parents is a great lesson in independence one gets from camp

  • gloria patterson

    Way back when I was a kid there were all kinds of camps for kids, day camps, overnight camps etc. It was great experience of learning and making new friends. I don’t see listing for a lot of camps around here. My friend sends her 2 kids to a church camp each year. I hope my great niece has some camps in her future

  • Dandi D

    My son is just getting old enough to think about summer camp and he’s really excited!

  • monique s

    I loved the canoeing and the rope swing into the lake

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    These are great reasons for attending camp! My kids have been to day camps, but not an over night one yet. I am looking for one that will give them opportunities to explore nature and give time to interact and make new friends. I’m hoping I will find something soon!

  • monique s

    I feel like camp always taught me to work together with others and appreciate and respect nature

  • Peggy Nunn

    The girls are going to a church camp. I hope they make life long friends.

  • Peggy Nunn

    The girls are at a church camp this week. I am so glad they can go this year. It is an experience of a life time.

  • Deborah D

    This certainly looks like fun.

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